Living it Up, 360 Style

Picking up where I left off yesterday – let’s talk space ships!

After securing our U2 tickets in 2009 for the Montreal shows, my sistah (SJ) insisted that I send her tickets to Toronto, via Canada Post. I was hesitant to do this because we were talking about U2 tickets here – what if they mysteriously went AWOL? Well as luck would have it, that’s exactly what happened. When I mailed them out, I wrote down the wrong door number – one that was non-existent. Clearly my dyslexia was acting up when I wrote out the address, but regardless, Canada Post is responsible for delivering mail to addresses that actually exist – not the next best thing. Instead, for reasons that still boggle my mind, the mailman delivered  the tickets to the nearest door number (can you say DUH?), and what ensued was a month of back and forth with CP, on the whereabouts of those damn tickets. Not that we were STRESSED OUT or anything! When SJ left a note in the mail room, asking if anyone had mistakenly received an envelope meant for her, a neighbor responded: he/she had popped the package back in the mail – I was immediately suspicious of this. Of course, the tickets never showed up, and we were refunded by CP. Luckily, we were able to get the tickets reprinted. Twice.

Fast forward to 2011, one week before the show; SJ asks N if she has her ticket for July 8th. N tells SJ that I have it. SJ asks me to confirm. I tell her that I don’t have it – that I sent her a reprinted ticket for the 9th and that N has the one for the 8th. Dear Lord, here we go again. N insisted that she didn’t have an extra ticket for the 8th and I insisted that the only extra damn ticket I had, was for the 9th. I asked SJ to check the date on the ticket that she DID have, and she confirmed that it was for the 9th . Long story short: N had the ticket for the 8th reprinted AGAIN – only to realize that she’d had the original reprinted ticket all along. Not that we panicked or anything. Moving along….

On July 7th, various friends began converging upon Montreal via plane, train and speeding automobiles, from the US and Canada (U2ing is serious business people). That day, I was bombarded with text messages, emails, Facebook messages and BBMs about the line-up shituation, and I reached the point where I wanted to gently lie my BlackBerry on the ground then jump up and down on it. Unfortunately,  I had to work that day, so wasn’t able to go to the venue until that evening. Rumor had it that U2 fans had been lining up since the night of the 6th so I was stressing out about how long the line would be when we finally got there.  After picking up the girls, we finally headed to the Hippodrome to get our numbers. Disaster.  I was #253! My golden rule was broken – I was way past the #150 mark! Of course, when I later considered that 80,000 people would be attending the show, I decided that #253 wasn’t so bad after all.  The line organizers instructed us to come back at 4 a.m. to check in, and advised us that anyone who wasn’t present at that time, would be bumped out of the line. Fuck man, 4 a.m.? There went my beauty sleep!

We got 2.5 hours of sleep that night, but were back in line for the 4 a.m. check-in. It was still dark out people. I could barely see through my tired eyeballs and I had a migraine. Anyway, after making an appearance and confirming that the line would be moved at 6 a.m., we drove Mo (my car, not the rabbit) to the hotel, and walked back to the site (we’ d lucked out the night before as the hotel had a room available and we grabbed it). We returned to the site equipped with chairs, Gatorade, water and granola bars (if I never see one of THOSE again, it won’t be soon enough for me), and waited. Around 6 a.m., we were asked to get back in line in numerical order so that roll call could begin. As the line organizer began going through the list, a police van drove by, blasting U2 – fabulous! Even the cops supported our obsession! When all was said and done, we went from being #253-254-255 to #180-181-182. Now that’s more like it! And thus began a very long day in the infamous GA line….

Security moved us onto the site around 8-9 a.m. after checking everyone’s tickets, and we settled down for the day. It was incredibly hot – close to 30-degrees, and very, very sunny. Our fellow crazies had brought an assortment of chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, hats, food, beverages, card games – needless to say that we were all pretty equipped and ready to share with our neighbors, and it was obvious that many of us had done this before. As with most GA lines, you meet plenty of people, and this is one of the things that I love most about the U2 community. By the end of the day, you’ve seen old friends whom you haven’t seen since the last tour,  you’ve met new friends that you’ll have for life, you’ve shared your vast GA knowledge with newbies who now regard you as their U2 mentor (hi Khine!) and you’ve enthusiastically shared your U2 stories with someone who will be experiencing a show for the very first time <squeal!>. You’ve plotted where the best spot on the floor will be, you’ve used your fair share of porto-potties, been sunburned and bitten, sweat like a hog and eaten way too many granola bars. You’ve heard the band sound-check and cheered with your fellow fans, you’ve burst into song as the hours passed, and you’ve run like you’ve never run before, once you got through those gates. What other band inspires that?

Finally, after a long, scorcher of a day, it was time to head inside the venue. Security began ‘the process’ around 4pm, and I have to give them props for maintaining the order of the line and kicking line-cutters back to where they belonged. Additionally, they did a pretty good job with sending us on site in batches, and maintaining the order of the madness. Now for the fun part.

After you’re scanned in and instructed not to run – well, you run your ass off because you have a goal (the goal is SOUL people). You know exactly where you want to be on the floor and nothing/no one is going to stop you from being on the outer rail, center stage, slightly to the left on Adam’s side where the walkway comes out… What? I had a specific destination in mind! SJ sprinted and I lost sight of her, so I ended up going into the pit (a.k.a: the inner circle) with N. I chose the back rail as my ‘spot.’ After settling into my prime location, I turned around to find Jake, Khine and SJ on the outer rail right behind me. I decided to go out and join them but was stopped by security – those bastards trapped me in the pit and I was unable to leave! Damn them and their stupid nonsensical rules! In addition to being trapped in ‘the hole’ as I like to call it,  we weren’t allowed to sit down while waiting for the show to start. Considering that we’d been in line all day, and U2 were only coming on around 9pm, this was pretty hard on our bodies. Didn’t these people realize I’d been in line for 18 damn hours? I had also been nursing a skull ache all day, and was starting to feel a little lightheaded – something I resolved by making a makeshift turban out of N’s shirt. It was during the 5.5 hour wait for U2 to come on, that I decided not to line up the next day, but rather watch the show from the back. I was dead tired, my body ached, and there was no way I was getting up at 3 a.m. for another check-in.

Fast-forward to U2

As daylight ended, the 360 crew began setting up the band’s equipment. We watched as Dallas Schoo tuned Edge’s guitar, and as the infamous Rocco ran frantically around the stage, making sure everything was as it should be. As the last crew members left the stage, Bowie’s Space Oddity began to play. Those of us who had already been to a 360 show, knew what that meant: SHOWTIME!

The energy in the pit suddenly increased tenfold and the level of excitement was palpable as fans in the bleachers went wild. We watched the four members of U2 make their way toward the stage via the LED screen, the crowd in a frenzy. As the band members stepped on-stage, the crowd erupted in what can only be described as a VERY warm welcome – one that is unique to Montreal and that cannot be matched by any other city, except perhaps, Dublin. It was obvious that Bono and the boys were thrilled to be back in Montreal – one of their favorite show cities – and they kick-started the show with Even Better Than the Real Thing. Oh. My. GOD. I SO was not expecting this to be the show opener! My immediate reaction was to start jumping as I let out the infamous Bedouin call (did you expect anything less?). Those of you who know me, know that Achtung Baby is my favorite album of all time – so I was positively ecstatic to hear several songs off this album. Other song highlights for me, were I Will Follow, Elevation, Scarlet, Zooropa, Crazy and Moment of Surrender. Scarlet is a song from the band’s October album, that most of us have never heard live so this was a real treat. Bono sang this as a tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi, who had been under house arrest in Burma for 15 years, and who was finally  released. Bono chose to speak to the crowd in French, which was lovely and comical, if nothing else. It was an incredible night, a very loud night, that ended with Moment of Surrender. As the band closed out the song, it began to rain lightly; Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry stepped out from behind their instruments and walked to the front of the stage, where they sang Rain. Just as they finished, amidst a frenzy of screaming fans, the sky literally opened up and the rain began coming down in torrents. It felt like we were being hit with pellets – it was cold and nasty, and the wind was insane! I actually wondered if we were going to get hit with some kind of post-U2 tornado! So imagine if you will, 80,000 concert-goers trying to get the hell out of the Hippodrome via one exit. Complete and utter madness. But, a truly memorable end to a show that surely won’t be forgotten any time soon. Bono truly does command all – even the weather 😉

When we finally made it back to the hotel, we showered and went to bed; my final mumble of the night was something like ‘fuck this, I’m not lining up tomorrow.’ Around 6 a.m. I heard the girls whispering; I asked what they were doing and they said they were going to line up. Screw that – I rolled over and went back to sleep. I awoke around 10 a.m. to the sound of whispers that seemed strangely close, and opened my eyes to find both SJ and N still in bed –  apparently I wasn’t the only one who needed to sleep! SJ asked me what I was going to do, and I replied “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!” And back in line we went. This time we were about 600th in line, the sun was just as hot as the day before, and I foresaw another day of granola bars, Gatorade and porto-potties ahead of me. Unlike the previous day though, security was not letting us off the premises, which meant that we were stuck on-site until the start of the show. This meant $5 water bottles and other assorted over-priced crap. It also meant that no one would be allowed to dump their chairs, blankets etc. before the show started, nor would we be able to take quick showers to freshen up. Poop.  This time around, security wasn’t as organized when they let us in – they basically let everyone crash through the gates at the same time. I bee-lined for the pit again, and found myself center-stage with SJ, N and other friends from TO. This was prime real estate – even better than night 1! I started out about 20 ‘rows’ from the stage, and by the time we reached the midway point, I was about 10 rows back. Totally Awesome. I love being at the heart of the action, and admittedly, after my first front-row experience in 2001, there’s no way I can ever go back to sitting in the bleachers. I’m a jumper and a screamer – I might fall of the bleachers amidst all my excitement 😀

Clearly, night 1 was amazing. But night 2 was on out of this world! The energy and vibe were absolutely incredible, and the band sounded even better then they had on the first night. It was obvious that they were thrilled to be playing a second show, and Bono told us that while Friday night had been great, we were going to party harder that [Saturday] night  – and boy did we party! The crowd was wild and exuberant from beginning to end. I screamed for 3 hours, sang the lyrics to every single song, and often worried I might deafen my own self. Let’s just say I’ve got a great set of lungs. Surprisingly, I never lost my voice – this is quite perplexing to me. Anyway, U2 changed up the set list somewhat, and we heard classics like Out of Control (AMAZING!), All I Want is You (Incredible!), Stuck, New Year’s Day, Please and Hallelujah – an unspoken tribute to Leonard Cohen. Brilliant.  It was a fantastic night! I’ve included a few pics for you below.

Were you at the show? If so, what did you think? What were your memorable moments? If you’ve got a pic you’d like to share, let me know via the comments feed and I’ll feature it on the blog.

So… I’m ready to do it all over again – whose with me?

Photo: RAnnDomized

Photo: RAnnDomized (pic taken by stranger!)

Photo: RAnnDomized

Photo: RAnnDomized (I had to get creative to beat sun stroke)

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Photo: Steph J.

Photo: RAnnDomized

Photo: Steph J.

Photo: Steph J.

Photo: Steph J. (converted to B&W by yours truly)

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Photo: Steph J.

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What I Did on my Summer Vacation – Part 1: Action!

Yeah I know – I’ve come up with more creative titles than this one!

I can likely offer up a bunch of meaningless excuses as to why I haven’t written in nearly two months, but the sad (or not-so-sad) truth is that I’ve been enjoying a fabulous summer in Montreal.  So, here I am, ready to write, hopeful that I’ve still got a few readers left. Still here? Good! Let’s get this show on the road – we’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Oh, I should mention that all of this took place pre-vacation.


Get on your mat!

First, this catch-up post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t take a moment to talk about my yoga practice. Since April, I’ve really regained my focus (thanks Bram!), and have been practicing for 90-minutes, almost daily. To say that I feel amazing would be an understatement. I feel fan-fucking-tastic! While yoga is amazing for toning and shit, I no longer practice solely for the physical benefits that it brings me. I am much more focused on the spiritual, more mental side of things, and it’s made a big difference overall – not just mentally, but physically and emotionally as well. At the end of my practice, I feel super energized – but more importantly, I feel a profound sense of joy. Let’s not forget the added benefit of yoga making me more fucker-proof too. It totally rocks. More on that in a later post.


Let’s join the circus…

Last Spring, I spontaneously bought tickets to Le Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, Totem. The tickets weren’t cheap, but my gal pal and I decided to splurge, knowing the show would be worth it. On June 26th we stopped in at Le Grand Chapiteau to see what all the fuss was about – boy were we in for a surprise!  The show, whose main theme is evolution, was breathtaking – fantastic, stunning. AH-Mazing. Our seats were center-stage, about 20 rows up, with an unobstructed view of well, everything. That night, I became the ‘official’ ticket-buyer for all future shows – that’s how awesome our view was, according to my date (I don’t know how many times I refreshed my browser when making my seat selection – I was looking for a very specific spot!).  Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed, so I have no show pics to share with you (but hey, check out the tent below, LOL), but if you haven’t already seen this show, or any Cirque show for that matter, I highly recommend checking out what’s on in your city. Totem was brilliant; from the set design and intricate costumes, to the make-up and fabulous music, and of course, the badass performers – they didn’t miss a beat. Well worth the money – both my date and I would go see it again.

Poto: RAnnDomized

Photo: RAnnDomized

Photo: RAnnDomized


An overdose of candy…

A week after Totem, I took my 15-year old niece to her very first concert EVER. Before I tell you who we went to see, I’d like to remind you that I’m a diehard U2 fan.  OK… are you ready? For her first show EVER, Audrey picked…

Katy Perry

We checked out Perry’s California Dreams show at the Bell Center on July 2nd. Now, I like Katy Perry – she’s got great energy and catchy tunes. But I did have some reservations about the kind of people I’d encounter at this show. I could see myself surrounded by thousands of screaming teenage girls, all wearing pink. This is exactly what I got, but with an added bonus: the stench of cotton candy being pumped through the vents for 2.5 hours. Jesus! I thought I was going to pass the fuck out from the smell!  Anyway, when we got to our seats, I had a look around, and the first thing I thought was “Wow. That’s a small stage.” Then I thought “Wow. This is a lot of pink. Why are there muffins on-stage? Oh wait – are those cupcakes? What are those lollipops doing there, and what the hell is that pink, bumpy, square thing hovering in the middle of the arena?”  Anyway, fast-forwarding to the show: Perry put on a great performance and I was really impressed by her level of energy, her sense of humor, and her rapport with the audience. She did change outfits more often then any other artist I’ve seen but hey – everyone’s got their quirks. Perry played most of her hits and the crowd seemed to enjoy the show. More importantly, Audrey had a great time. Overall, I’d give Katy’s performance a high rating (notice how I don’t commit to an actual score, lol). Oh, and that hovering pink thing? It was a fake cloud that Perry used to transport herself from the main stage, to the other side of the arena. Kinda nifty, in a kitschy sort of way. To read a review of the show, click here.  Here’s a pretty decent video of KP performing Firework:



And last but not least…

The space ship is coming! The space is coming!

In September 2009, U2 played two shows at the Sky Dome in Toronto. Unfortunately, the 360 Tour wasn’t stopping in Montreal and this made me rather cranky because Montreal has a way better crowd than TO (sorry GTAers!). Well, it’ll be one cold day in hell before I miss a U2 show/tour – so I packed up my shit and headed for the T-Dot. LELELELELE!  Yes, I went to both shows, and yes I lined up forever in order to get the perfect spot on the floor! Such is the life of a U2 fan.

Not long after the TO shows, U2 announced dates for the second leg of the tour and Montreal was on the list for two nights in July 2010. The girls and I decided that we were also going to do TO (again) and New York (the last show of the tour). We were eager for July, but weeks before the first Montreal show, Bono had to undergo back surgery and all remaining dates in North America were canceled. Though understanding and supportive of Bono’s shit-uation, the U2 community was pretty disappointed by the news. Well, we waited almost two years to see the boys play again – and on July 8th and 9th, the space ship finally landed in Montreal.  Tune in tomorrow to hear all about the 360 madness…

Photo: RAnnDomized

And the Countdown Begins!

There are 22 days left until my date with U2 and the boys! So, in anticipation of seeing my future husband again after such a long absence….

Courtesy of Stustation


Blast from the Past: A Spiritual Journey with U2

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a die-hard U2 fan – there’s no doubt about it. While going through my papers the other day, I found an article that I wrote back in 2001 for one of my journalism classes. My professor liked it so much that she told me I should get it published (does this count?) and requested permission to use it as part of her course materials.  I thought I’d finally get my love affair with U2 out in the open, and offer the Interwebz some insight on why U2 fans are so passionate about this band. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of: Associated Press/Canadian Pres, 05/25/2001

While U2’s front man Bono, was busy reapplying for “the position of best rock band in the world” last December, U2 fans were already plotting their course on what would be one of the best years of their lives. Diehard fans had been anticipating a world tour since the release of the band’s latest album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind (November 2000), and when tickets went on sale, North American fans gobbled them up within two hours. Little did U2 know, that their fans would take this tour so seriously…

U2’s fan base has expanded significantly over the last 20 years. Fans are just as devoted, if not more so, then ever before. In a time of uncertainty, U2’s Elevation 2001 tour was just what people needed in order to let go fo fears and doubts, and begin the healing process. The tour itself proved that fans were still passionate about the Irish rockers, and that they were willing to do just about anything to see them perform. Most people outside the U2 ‘community’  have wondered what makes U2 fans tick, and why they would spend their hard earned cash on multiple U2 shows – not one or two, but 15 or 26! Understandably, if you’re not a U2 fan, it is difficult to fathom the depth of conviction and devotion that is expressed toward a simple rock and roll band.

Nine months into the tour, thousands of fans have already traveled across North America and Europe to attend a ridiculous number of shows. Many of them have met each other in various cities and countries, they’ve bonded with one another over their shared love of the band, and most importantly, they have made new friendships that will last a lifetime. The ‘luckier’ ones have made it to the front row, plotted meetings with the band and succeeded, performed on stage with Bono and/ or acquired a few coveted guitar picks along the way. Such are the trials and tribulations of U2 fans from across the globe – a devoted following of ‘U2 friends’ who have traveled by land and air, to commune together for four guys from Dublin. Their goal? To get ‘elevated,’ to attain that spiritual high that one can only acquire at a U2 show. So why does U2 have such a devoted following? Six U2 fanatics are about to shed some light on the matter.

Gee is a biochemist at the Montreal Childrens’ Hospital; Lee manages the Party Warehouse in Albany, New York; Sissy works for an insurance company in Toronto, Ontario; Kel manages a human resources department in New York City; Abs is a social activist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Sara works in a call center in Gothenburg, Sweden. Although they are from different backgrounds, these fans share a passion for U2’s music, spirit and charisma. They too believe that they can help change the world, if they just keep the faith.

When asked what it was about U2 that inspired them so much devotion, not to mention cash (for it takes a lot of it to follow this band around), fans responded unanimously: it’s the music. U2 writes songs that are profound, inspiring, soulful, honest, emphatic and hopeful. According to Sara, Bono is a brilliant lyricist – one of the best she’s heard of, and this is probably because Bono writes from the heart. U2 know what’s going on in the world and they aim to make us aware of it. Songs like One, Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Kite can attest to that. When you take a good look at the lyrics, you start to unfold the layers to something that goes beyond a mere rock and roll song. Fans listen to U2 and find solace and hope. They find meaning and the strength to carry on – they see a pot of gold at the end of the rainow.

Tony Hicks of the Contra Costa Times best describes the impact that this band has, “The music itself [is] important, though certainly at times a backdrop. U2 inspires people not only with beautiful, soaring and sometimes irrepressibly fun songs, but unselfish motives as well. They’re certainly rock stars, but it’s how they take on that role that matters. It has never mattered more than now. A band that has crusaded for peace, hope and charity for two decades could do nothing less than inspire in troubling times.”

It isn’t just the music however. Call it a natural disaster of sorts – U2  is alleged to be the biggest rock band in the world. The group creates music that reflects a certain degree of spirituality, honesty and, the naked truth. Their music is inspirational and uplifting, yet the musicians can go the political route without being ‘in-your-face.’ U2 is active in social and political causes, and encourage fans to educate themselves in order to make a difference.

Gee thinks that U2’s unique sound isn’t the only reason they are so important: “Everything they’ve done in support of social and political causes is important… U2 has always acknowledged that they have more money than they need, but they’re always involved in something to help those who don’t have as much as they do.”  Sissy agrees, “[Their music] is relevant to what goes on in the world… it’s political, it’s spiritual, and it pulls at [your] emotions like nothing else.”

Bono sporting his COEXIST headband

U2 are a different kind of rock band, and similarly, U2 fans are unlike any other type of fan in the world. Both are devoted, passionate and intense. Both care about the state of the world and want to fix it. U2’s lyrics are poignant and relevant to the world we live in  and the lives that we lead – U2 sings about the good, the bad and the ugly. There are no sugarcoated words – they make you think about things that take you outside the box, and encourage you to explore new territory. Lee describes the band as worldly: “This [band] has taught me so much about the world. I became a member of Amnesty International because of them… If anything, I have learned [that] we need to open our eyes and [stop ignoring] the plights of those who are helpless or in need.”

Many fans feel that U2 have enlightened them over the years. Because of U2’s unabashed support of social, political and humanitarian causes, fans have taken the time to find out about the political situation in Ireland for instance – they know what Sunday Bloody Sunday is about and they sympathize. They know about AIDS research and how some countries desperately require drug treatment but don’t have access or funding to implement it. They too, support Jubilee 2000, a cauase that lead singer Bono has been advocating for the past year. With the help of fans, among others, Bono has succeeded in convincing the majority of world leaders to drop third world debt. Over the last 20 years, U2 have served as mentors, educators, and as a result, fans have willingly educated and implicated themselves in causes such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and War Child. Fans genuinely want to make a difference. These are issues that touch us all, and many fans appreciate U2’s active participation and sincerity in trying to make the world a better place.

Not surprisingly, when U2 kicked off their tour in March, fans were prepared. General Admission tickets were hot. U2 had decided to sell 1200 General Admission (GA) tickets on the floor, with the rest of the tickets being reserved seating. Among the 1200 lucky GA ticket holders, 300 fans would be permitted inside the heart-shaped stage. A chance at being front row compelled fans to line up early or even camp out overnight in order to secure a ‘good spot’ in line. For the same reason, fans began attending show after show, and ‘Elevation 2001’ became an addiction among the U2 community.

“GA is like nothing else. Camping out in line… meeting new people and then being RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!” squeals Abs delightedly, It’s all love on the floor, and you get sweaty and gross but you feel so ALIVE when you’re there –it’s the way you should feel every second of your life.”  Most people only dream of feeling this way, and essentially, the natural high that one gets at these shows is one that you wish you could feel permanently. Once you’ve been ‘elevated,’ you’re addicted. “Every night is special in its own way,” says Kels, who has been to 26 shows since March. When fans were asked why they felt compelled to travel to Europe, the Unite States and Canada, all replied in unison that the atmospheres were different, there was always the ‘possibility’ that U2 would do something special, and as Kels pointed out, “It’s pretty wild to see 20,000 people who don’t [even] speak English, go absolutely nuts [over] four Irish guys!”

The six fanatics have been to many shows, have campled out and waited 13 hours in line before they actually got inside the venue, literally spent thousands of dollars on flights, tickets, merchandise etc. Why did they do it? “The passion and intensity fo GOOD and for FUN and for LOVE is stronger than with any other band! Says Abs, with a grin on her face. All six U2 fans can say without a doubt, that one of the main reasons they went to so many shows, is because they meet such great people. “Mostly, I find U2 fans to be exceptionally nice, friendly and caring,” says Sara. “I have met a lot of people that I will [stay] in touch with , hopefully for the rest of my life!”  Kels wholeheartedly agrees, “It’s like I found my U2 soul mates [in line]. These friendships will last long [after] the end of the tour, and it’s nice to know [I’m] not the only U2 freak our there!”

The amount of money that has been spent on this tour is ludicrous. Between $1000 – $3000 per person was spent – this includes show tickets, flights, merchandise, hotels etc. Kels, our veteran pro, says that she can put at least one of Bono’s children through school with the amount of money she’s dished out! But none of these fans are really concerned about money. “If I can’t afford it, I don’t go,” says Abs matter of factly. The other fans nod in agreement. Lee, who has been to more than 30 U2 shows in her life, won’t let anything stand between her and U2. If work and geography don’t interfere, she will be there, front row center – “It’s all about priorities. Mine happens to be to se as many shows as I can squeeze out of my savings account.” Ask any of these devoted fans if they would do it again, and their response is an enthusiastic “YES! In a hearbeat!”

U2 fans do not equivocate U2 with a church, nore do they consider Bono to be a reincarnation of God. They do, however, feel that going to a U2 show is a spiritual experience. “Absolutely!” says Kels. “They may you clap, sing and praise the almighty for all the good he has done. They pray and ask others to [pray] and care about those less fortunate… you leave a U2 show with a natural high and love of life, and that in itself, is a very spiritual thing!”


What about you guys? Do you like U2? Why or why not? Who are you passionate about?

Got something to say? Speak!

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