In A Hood

Sometimes, you manage to get a perfect shot simply be looking up. Great light, beautiful architecture, and lovely floaty clouds to complete your composition. What more can you ask for? This one reminds me of an HDR image but it’s not – I shot it with an iPhone and applied no filter.  Now,  you really should be careful when  you’re walking around staring up at the sky – those over-sized Montreal pot holes are just waiting to swallow you up. I should know – I tested it out myself. Ouch!


Photo: RAnndomized

Photo: RAnndomized

And on an unrelated note, it appears that no amount of yoga can make up for the shit-streak that I’ve been on the last 2 weeks, so I found this to be bloody well fitting of my mood lately – at least the one between 9-5…!

Image courtesy of e-Cards

Image courtesy of e-Cards




Hello Instagram & Updates

I’m ba-aaaaack! (Sort of)

Let’s face it – I have been a terrible blogger lately. I haven’t written a damn thing in months because I’ve been too busy Yelping and looking for things to shoot (as in, photography, not people).  Truth be told, I don’t like to post bullshit, so if I don’t feel inspired by the written word, I don’t write. I’ve got a LOT going on in this ol’ noggin (no, I haven’t lost my mind but thanks for asking) – but it’s not always easy to write shit down. Anyone have a remedy for writer’s block?  Anyway, as you’ve seen from my latest posts, I’ve been feeling more inspired visually, so while I re-think the purpose of this blog, I wanted to let you know that I’m finally on Instagram and you should DEFINITELY follow me. Definitely. As in, right now, people. Is that too blunt? Tough shit. I mean come on – just show me some love! I can promise you one thing: NO fucking selfies. Fuck, I hate that shit, especially those people who insist they’re not vain or narcissistic by posting pics of themselves every single fucking day. No, they’re not vain at ALL.  So, ignore those vain assholes and check out my gallery – let’s connect.

In other news, I’ve been contributing to Yelp for a little over a year now, and love it! There seems to be controversy surrounding the Yelp community and what its purpose actually is (i.e. why are reviews filtered and others not, are reviews ‘real’ etc.). On my end, none of my reviews have ever been filtered and I guarantee that every single review that I write is real and unbiased. I don’t get paid to visit any of the establishments that I’ve reviewed and thus, if I hate a place, I’ll tell you. Personally, I love to discover new local restaurants and businesses, and Yelp allows me to do that while sharing my feedback with everyone. Plus, I get to write and take pics at the same time. Bonus!  I’ve also had the chance to meet some great new people and had the opportunity to participate in some awesome events.  If you’re looking for new local businesses (mainly places to EAT!), you can check out my reviews on Montreal (mainly), Vancouver, New York and Istanbul. For now. I’m going to Italy this summer and I get the feeling you may see an influx of reviews around that time. Mmmmmm Italian cuisine….. So, feel free to connect with me on Yelp as well as Instagram.

Lastly, Italy. If anyone’s been to Rome or Florence, share your experiences with me here. I’d love to get your input on must-see places and of course, must-eat places. If you’ve written a blog post on your adventures, share!

On that note, I’m off. I’ll be back at some point – don’t leave =-)

Peace out,



Things That Perplex

People who are up on their roofs before 7 a.m. It’s dark out, and there’s likely a layer of frost on the roof that can cause you to slip and fall off. So…. got a death wish or something?

People who allow their dogs to bark non-stop, also at 7 a.m. Just because you’re up, does not mean that your neighbors need to be. Can’t you be a responsible dog owner and bring him/ her inside the house? You can use them as human alarm clocks to wake up your own family. Bet you this person also lets their dog shit on their neighbor’s lawn. I wouldn’t be surprised if their dog went missing one day.

People who keep industrial-sized dumpsters on their front lawn. It’s one thing if you’re renovating or doing construction around the house, but using a dumpster as a lawn ornament is just plain weird.

Fringe purses. First of all, what kind of look are we going for with this thing? it looks like a leather mop. Secondly, I could swear this went out in the 80s. Lastly, this look should be reserved for teenage girls and girls in their twenties, not 60+ women. But maybe that’s just me.

People who bellow ‘YES!’ when the train arrives and the door lands right in front of them. OK…. I didn’t realize there was a train lottery… If that’s all it takes to get this guy off, he must lead a pretty dull existence.

Dudes who wear those really wide baseball caps perched atop their heads – with the stickers and price tags still attached. What are you trying to tell me here? That you’re stupid for spending $50 on a cap you won’t be wearing next year?

Why do Arabic men have to speak so loudly? Do they all suffer from auditory defects or something? At least get me a translator so that I understand what they’re saying, becuase if they’re talking that loudly I can only assume they want the world to know what they’re talkin about!

People who drink 35% cream right out of the carton. I have no smartass comment for this – that’s just gross!

Couples who simply cannot separate when someone is walking toward them. Look – there’s only so much room in a doorway – are you going to drop dead if you let go of your partner’s hand for 10 seconds? I think not!

Who invented the sense of entitlement epidemic and how can I get rid of it?

People who email me at 2 a.m. my time, and expect an immediate response. Are you kidding?

This concludes today’s musings. If you know the answer to any of the above questions, or if you’ve got perplexions of your own to add, feel free to educate me via the Comments form below!

Peace out!