Life is Slow When the Groove is On




She’s back.

I go AWOL for two months and they go and change things on me. Snap! I guess I should check out this new WP format while I’m in here :-D.  Anyway, I know that I usually post these on the last Thursday of each month, but given my 2-month absence (read: delinquency, laziness – whatever works for you), I’m going to post this one today because I’m sure y’all are eager to see something, anything being published by yours truly – right…?  Oh, for the record, I AM working on some posts – including a review of U2 that is waaaaaay overdue! I’m hoping to get back on the writing wagon – new month, new posts, new vents. Know what that means? Brand new etiquette posts!

Alright! What do you all think of Tori’s latest? This one speaks to me if only for Tori’s ability to practice yoga in the middle of a busy airport. Or perhaps it’s a bus/ train station. Either way, it’s busy and requires some serious Zenitude :-p

To check out more of Tori’s work, or commission her for a piece of your own, you can go here and here.

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