Meet Mo

In the absence of a super inspiring post, I thought I’d finally introduce you to Mo. Well, two of them – there’s a whole family of wild rabbits that have taken over my property and I really can’t tell them apart, hence the universal name ‘Mo.’ It works, right? This is one of the parental Mo’s – not sure if it’s Mister or Missus:

Photo: RAnnDomized

Photo: RAnnDomized


Apparently Mister & Missus have been quite busy doing what rabbits do, because there is a new addition to the clan – Mini Mo:

Photo: RAnnDomized

Mini Mo looks bigger in the above photo, but he is in fact, quite small and has the most perfect little ears. He’s been quite busy discovering the neighborhood this week; I’ve watched him venture out into the great green world known as Lawn, only to come speeding back toward ‘his’ tree like a furry bat out of hell. There he sits, peeking out at me from behind his tree – I’m pretty sure it’s his safety zone. When he feels brave enough, he ventures out again a little further, only to come speeding back my way. This can go on for quite some time and is funny to see. This morning, Mini Mo was busy chasing birds. What an adventurous life, LOL!

While I’m at it, here are some photos of my baby girl. Contrary to Kill Bill, she positively hates having her picture taken and will turn away from me each and every time. All I need to do is let her see the camera and that’s it – no pic for me. But this time……

She didn't think I saw her sunbathing.... check her out!

One of the few nice shots I have of her. She's a tough subject to shoot, let me tell you!


Have a great weekend!