Four Thoughts & A Bedouin

1) My body aches. I mean, it really hurts. Lately, I’ve convinced myself that aging is the culprit, until someone reminds me that I’ve injured various body parts and they’re just taking longer to heal then I’d like. Also, I’m too young to be aging. DUH! (But all of this injury nonsense pisses me off nonetheless – should I use this as an excuse to be lazy?).

2) I’m loving Fall this year – more-so then usual. For some reason, Fall always makes me feel more present in my own life. Fall makes me see things more clearly. It makes me live in the present and this is awesome.

3) I’m known for my spontaneous and impulsive bursts of energy. A perfect witness to this fact is my mom, who frequently endured these while I lived at home. Last night, I decided to clean the bathroom. I would like to mention that my bathroom is not that big so this task shouldn’t be too time-consuming. I plugged myself in to my Pod and sang along with Bob Marley as I cleaned. This consequently led to a lot of dancing and laughing – I just couldn’t help myself . My wood floors it made easy to slide around my condo while I busted out my moves. I had a lot of fun, but it took me two hours to clean that bathroom.

4) I have a trademark: The Moroccan Mating Call (TMC).  I use this to  express excitement, release stress or to help someone find me in a large crowd. If you’ve seen my blog header you’ve probably noticed that I’m not Moroccan (nor am I looking for a mate). One summer, my uncle, who is well-traveled, approached me after I expressed ‘joy’ at a family BBQ. He looked both amazed and perplexed; he informed me that my Moroccan Mating Call sounded exactly like the call of the Bedouin. Really? Awesome! What the hell is a Bedouin? After he explained this to me, we both concluded that: I was not a nomadic Arab, I did not reside in the dessert, and I’d never ridden a camel before. In any case, TMC is now referred to as The Bedouin Call (TBC). I can tell you that I scare the shit out of friends and random strangers when I let one out. I am certain that if I really tried, I could probably shatter glass. I will now be using TBC on telemarketers – and I really look forward to their reaction. Perhaps they’ll stop harassing me after they’ve gone deaf. To my fellow Montrealers: if you hear a high-pitched noise that sounds like “LELELELELE,” that would be me so come over and say hi!

Notable mentions: NB does a great imitation of TBC. I mean, it’s truly fantastic! Though I sometimes need to remind her that it’s my trademark and not hers :-p  I should also commend my Sistah for her continuous efforts. Unfortunately, she really sucks at it and sounds more like an injured turkey then a Bedouin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go walk my camels.

What are some things that are unique to you?

Have a good weekend!