Hello Instagram & Updates

I’m ba-aaaaack! (Sort of)

Let’s face it – I have been a terrible blogger lately. I haven’t written a damn thing in months because I’ve been too busy Yelping and looking for things to shoot (as in, photography, not people).  Truth be told, I don’t like to post bullshit, so if I don’t feel inspired by the written word, I don’t write. I’ve got a LOT going on in this ol’ noggin (no, I haven’t lost my mind but thanks for asking) – but it’s not always easy to write shit down. Anyone have a remedy for writer’s block?  Anyway, as you’ve seen from my latest posts, I’ve been feeling more inspired visually, so while I re-think the purpose of this blog, I wanted to let you know that I’m finally on Instagram and you should DEFINITELY follow me. Definitely. As in, right now, people. Is that too blunt? Tough shit. I mean come on – just show me some love! I can promise you one thing: NO fucking selfies. Fuck, I hate that shit, especially those people who insist they’re not vain or narcissistic by posting pics of themselves every single fucking day. No, they’re not vain at ALL.  So, ignore those vain assholes and check out my gallery – let’s connect.

In other news, I’ve been contributing to Yelp for a little over a year now, and love it! There seems to be controversy surrounding the Yelp community and what its purpose actually is (i.e. why are reviews filtered and others not, are reviews ‘real’ etc.). On my end, none of my reviews have ever been filtered and I guarantee that every single review that I write is real and unbiased. I don’t get paid to visit any of the establishments that I’ve reviewed and thus, if I hate a place, I’ll tell you. Personally, I love to discover new local restaurants and businesses, and Yelp allows me to do that while sharing my feedback with everyone. Plus, I get to write and take pics at the same time. Bonus!  I’ve also had the chance to meet some great new people and had the opportunity to participate in some awesome events.  If you’re looking for new local businesses (mainly places to EAT!), you can check out my reviews on Montreal (mainly), Vancouver, New York and Istanbul. For now. I’m going to Italy this summer and I get the feeling you may see an influx of reviews around that time. Mmmmmm Italian cuisine….. So, feel free to connect with me on Yelp as well as Instagram.

Lastly, Italy. If anyone’s been to Rome or Florence, share your experiences with me here. I’d love to get your input on must-see places and of course, must-eat places. If you’ve written a blog post on your adventures, share!

On that note, I’m off. I’ll be back at some point – don’t leave =-)

Peace out,



And… We’re Back

Yes people, I know you’ll find this hard to believe – especially since I’ve made more than just a few empty promises in the last couple of months (and also, it’s been so long that I couldn’t remember how to log in to my account)…. but I am finally BACK! Why? Well first of all, why the hell not? Secondly, I’m a writer and writers write. Thirdly, there are actually people who have been harassing me to write. Imagine – me being the harassee, instead of the harasser. Shocking, I know. Lastly, I’m back because my good friend Jill over at Thypolarlife has bestowed upon me, an award. An AWARD people! It’s so nice to know that some people value my presence in their lives as well as in the blogosphere (especially when said blogger has been AWOL for umm…. a few months). Thank you Jill – you rock!

Now, in order to accept/pass on this award, I need to answer a few questions. Usually I skip that part and pretend I didn’t know about it, but this is my big comeback so I figure I should at least make the effort. But first, this is what the award looks like:

Clearly, I rock.

Admittedly, it’s a lovely award. But I much prefer this image – which, if you know me/have read me, you will agree, is much more befitting:


Alrighty, let’s get on with the Q&A portion of the show. This should be educational for anyone who is just ‘meeting’ me. Oh wait, does anyone even know I exist? Anyway, moving along…

1) Favorite color: It took me seven years to pick a paint color for my yoga room because I have a fear of committing to colors =-D  But in general, I’m a blue or orange kinda gal. Except when it comes to clothes – I prefer black for that slimming effect.

2) Favorite animal: I’ve got two – dogs and elephants. My favorite dog is the German Shepherd, and I currently have a black, long-haired girly-girl who goes by the name of Tosca (yes, she’s a German Shepherd even though she’s black as night).  I also love elephants because to me, they are calm, peaceful and serene creatures with their own unique personalities. Also, I’ve always felt an affinity toward the Hindu God, Ganesh. Of course, he’s a whole other kind of elephant ’cause he’s got four arms and wears jewelry.

3) Favorite number: I can’t say I really have one. Whenever I receive one of those chain emails that I only fill out if I’m bored, I always pick 2 to avoid having to send the damn thing to 500 people.

4) Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: I’ve grown quite fond of Lattes in my not-so-old age. Skim, no foam and extra hot!

5) Facebook or Twitter: Both promote social voyeurism and feed many peoples’ egos. Both annoy the shit out of me. Having said that, I guess I’ll go with Facebook, only because I look at my page more often then I Tweet. But Twitter is less annoying.

6) My passion: Do I really have to answer this? Music, of course! Namely, U2 – but my musical interests are extremely diversified and I do consider my knowledge to be above par. In addition to music, writing and photography + my yoga practice are equal passions.

7) Getting or Giving Presents: I love to give presents, but I suck at keeping gifts a surprise. It’s like the 5-year old inside of me is dying to get out each and every time – if I can make it to gift day without spilling the beans, it’s a real miracle (ask my mom). But, I also love to receive presents. I think I should receive more. OK people, what are you waiting for?

8) Favorite pattern: Umm…. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve reached the age where patterns matter – but I agree with Thypolar: male-patterned baldness is definitely up there. Oh, I do like the pattern of my middle finger when I flip off arseholes. Does that count?

9) Favorite Day of the Week: One where I’m not at work. ‘Nuff said.

10) Favorite Flower: Gerber daisies. They’ve got so much punch, it’s impossible not to love’em. Plus they smell good.

And this concludes my Award acceptance Q&A. In my next post (yes, there will be another – maybe even this week!), I’ll catch y’all up on what I’ve been doing instead of blogging. In the meantime, spread the word – the train-hater is back!

To conclude my first post of 2012 (and hopefully not my last), I’m going to nominate these 3 fellow bloggers:

Jamie over at All Things Finkybee because she’s got spunk and is almost as sarcastic as me.

Jinny over at Peddler of Dreams because she’s full of sunshine, all the time.

Bram over at Connect to the Sky because he is the light. Bram is too cool to accept the award but I’m still giving it to him. More on Bram in upcoming posts (you are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e…..!).


Five Minutes of Fame

I was just thinking this was the end to another  uneventful winter weekend, when I received an email from fellow blogger Mama M. What did Mama M have to say? Why only that I’m being featured on her blog as her date of the week starting…. right now! So, if you’re a fan of RAnnDomized, show me some love and head on over to see what we (Mama M. and I) had to say about my five minutes of fame (it’s about bloody time!). While you’re at it, check out the categories at the top of Mama M’s page – it’ll give you an opportunity to discover new blogs by other fabulous writers!

But back to me! You can check out my five minutes of fame by clicking here.

Thank you Mama M, for making me temporarily famous. You rock!


This Week’s Outspiration

So remember how last week I was brimming with inspiration? Not so much, this week. It would be easy to blame myself for not getting any exercise in since last Saturday, but the fact that I suffered both arm and knee injuries since then mean that I don’t have to. Nor should I feel guilty about not working out this week even though I do. The other day I was driving home listening to the radio, and making up my own words to a song that I can’t remember – but the lyrics involved the size of my ass and my ass getting bigger. Nice. I really think that guilt is a chick thing. When do men ever feel guilty for not working out? They don’t! It’s OK for THEM to look like turds, but it’s not OK for us to look like turds. Total double standard.  Anyway, if I look at the bigger picture, stepping onto my mat would have been stupid. Hitting the gym for some cardio and leg work would have been stupider. In my defense, I did attempt yoga on Monday. My plan was to do yoga but exclude Dog pose since these put weight on my arms; yeah, that worked for about 8 minutes – and I didn’t exclude Dog pose because realistically, how on earth can I do flow sequences without Dog pose?! I also have a problem with half-assed workouts. So, 8 minutes in, I realized I would likely aggravate my arm injuries more then I would help them if I persisted with 90 minutes of yoga. I rolled up my mat in a huff, tossed it (actually, I think ‘threw’ might be a better word) into a corner, and stomped off to my room. Truly, I was irked. As for the gym (or power walking), I opted to hold off until this lame-ass knee was feeling back to normal. The fact that I have a new pair of runners taunting me, begging me for a try-out, is not helping. I haven’t been to the gym or power walked, and the runners are still sitting pretty in their box. Last night though, I put them on and walked around the house to satisfy myself. I pretended I was working out. Needless to say that my level of satisfaction left to be desired <insert grumbling here>.

So, every day this week I thought to myself “Oh, seems like my arms/knee are doing better – maybe tomorrow I can yoga/ power walk/ go to the gym.” Can you tell that I’m eager to get back to it? And now, here we are Friday, and I’m still waiting for my body to get its shit together so I can get back to my fitness. Last night, I planned to get up this morning and either go to the gym for some treadmill action (I need to try the new runners to make sure that my feet like them) OR go power walking. OK well, first of all, I slept in so no gym. And when I opened the blinds, it was pouring. Pouring! Bloody hell. I have therefore concluded that the fitness gods are conspiring against me this week… BUT I am determined to do something – anything – tomorrow. Yes, I am hopeful, and yes, I will even do it in the rain if I have to!

To go hand-in-hand with my lack of fitness, I’ve also been dealing with a lack of writing inspiration.  Since I’ve had more time to think this week, I’ve realized that my level of fitness goes hand-in-hand with how much writing I do and how inspired I feel to do it. I think the adrenalin creates inspiration! How’s that for motivation to a) work out and b) write? I have no excuse not to do either! And now that I’m writing again, I feel much happier, and more motivated to work out. And when I work out, I am more inspired to write. It’s a win-win situation.

What’s everyone been doing to stay motivated this week? How do you get over the ‘no inspiration’ hump?