Mixed Tape: Ode to my Birthday

On my way back from my torture session earlier this week (I saw my chiropractor about my ongoing sacrum injury) , my mind traveled back in time. What retro song did I revisit? Since the world is scheduled to explode on May 21st, one might think that I’d opt for R.E.M’s It’s the End of the World – but since I think that’s bullshit (the end of the word, not the song), I’m going to stick with my original thought: The Birthday Song by The Dik Van Dykes. Since Saturday (May 21st! The world is ending!) marks my 30-something birthday, I can think of no better song to feature on Mixed Tape today – can you?  Actually, I was looking for the version that Montreal band The Gruesomes did way back in the 90s, but alas, it was not to be found.  Mum, I think you know this one…!

(Note: there’s no official video by The DVDs for this song, but this one is entertaining, to say the least!)

So, happy birthday to ME! I wish me all that my heart desires, in particular, health, inner & outer strength, spiritual well-being, clarity, joy, lots of yoga, plenty of Zenitude and a few new Lululemon pieces. Thank you me, for those heartfelt wishes! I am welcome!