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She’s back.

I go AWOL for two months and they go and change things on me. Snap! I guess I should check out this new WP format while I’m in here :-D.  Anyway, I know that I usually post these on the last Thursday of each month, but given my 2-month absence (read: delinquency, laziness – whatever works for you), I’m going to post this one today because I’m sure y’all are eager to see something, anything being published by yours truly – right…?  Oh, for the record, I AM working on some posts – including a review of U2 that is waaaaaay overdue! I’m hoping to get back on the writing wagon – new month, new posts, new vents. Know what that means? Brand new etiquette posts!

Alright! What do you all think of Tori’s latest? This one speaks to me if only for Tori’s ability to practice yoga in the middle of a busy airport. Or perhaps it’s a bus/ train station. Either way, it’s busy and requires some serious Zenitude :-p

To check out more of Tori’s work, or commission her for a piece of your own, you can go here and here.

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Thursdays with Tori: Unexpected Pleasures

Greetings RAnnDomizers!

Welcome to another edition of Thursdays with Tori. You’re in luck this month, because technically, this piece should only be featured in June. But hey, I’m making Tori crank out her creativity these days. What can I say – I’m a real slave driver!

In keeping with Tori’s last piece, her latest, Unexpected Pleasures is also an ode to Spring. These are Hawthorn flowers that were set in a patch of woodland; Tori loved the way the flowers in the background formed the perfect backdrop for the offset blooms in the foreground. Minimal colour and contrast adjustments, with all the emphasis on cropping, made this a perfect shot:

Also, birthday greetings go out to the fabulous Elly-Belly – my Australian home-girl! Happy birthday Elly! (OK, technically, your birthday was yesterday, but for me, it’s today!

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Thursdays with Tori: Daisies

Yes, yes, I know it’s Saturday, but we’ve skipped the last two months of Thursdays with Tori,  so when I received her latest piece, I immediately had to post it. Why not wait till Thursday? Because it’s fabulous, that’s why! This piece is really just a celebration of Spring – quite cheerful, isn’t it?

What does everyone think?

If you’d like Tori to do some work for you, head on over to her site by clicking here.

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Thursdays with Tori: Angelfish

Hello friends!

It’s that time again! Tori has created another fabulous piece for RAnnDomized – but wait,  we need to keep this one on the down-lo since this work of art is Tori’s birthday gift to her dad.  But wait! Tori’s dad doesn’t know about this blog – and I really can’t wait to share this with you all so for those of you who know Mr. W,  hush up!

RAnnDomized presents: Angelfish

For those of you interested in the creation process,  Tori used a standard origami fold for the angelfish, using a square of white cotton fabric, rather than paper. She then ironed the material to make the creases and used acrylic paints (silver, black and pearlescent) to recreate the markings of a real angelfish. When it was completely dry, she glued a metallic blue wire between the folds that make up the tail, and coiled the rest of the wire to form the base. To give the piece stability and weight, she fabricated a pebble from air drying clay and pressed the coiled wire into it. When it was dry, she eased most of the coil free of the clay so it popped up in an interesting way. What do you think of the final piece? Personally, it reminds me of Dali – I love it almost as much as I love The Man!

Tori’s done a few pieces for me thus far – which is your favorite?


The Man


If you’d like Tori to do some work for you, head on over to her site by clicking here.

Thursdays with Tori: Hummingbird

It’s that time of the month again, when my British lovely, Tori, creates a piece of art uniquely for RAnnDomized. Admittedly, we are a bit tardy in getting this out; I meant to publish our first piece for 2011 in January (so, last Thursday), but both Tori and myself have been pretty busy as of late, and well, we both forgot.  This might explain why when I titled this post, I called it Tuesdays with Tori – I guess it shows how long ago I posted the last piece. That and for some reason, my brain keeps insisting that today is Tuesday. I suspect this feeling will follow me throughout the day. ANYWAY…. there is no time like the present so I’m happy to share February’s piece with you, simply called Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is a water color (of a hummingbird no less) combined with a photo of a daffodil that Tori put  together in Photoshop.  What do you all think? fabulous, isn’t it?

If you’d like Tori to do some work for you, head on over to her site by clicking here.


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