In A Hood

Sometimes, you manage to get a perfect shot simply be looking up. Great light, beautiful architecture, and lovely floaty clouds to complete your composition. What more can you ask for? This one reminds me of an HDR image but it’s not – I shot it with an iPhone and applied no filter.  Now,  you really should be careful when  you’re walking around staring up at the sky – those over-sized Montreal pot holes are just waiting to swallow you up. I should know – I tested it out myself. Ouch!


Photo: RAnndomized

Photo: RAnndomized

And on an unrelated note, it appears that no amount of yoga can make up for the shit-streak that I’ve been on the last 2 weeks, so I found this to be bloody well fitting of my mood lately – at least the one between 9-5…!

Image courtesy of e-Cards

Image courtesy of e-Cards




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