Reiki & the Journey

I had my second Reiki session tonight. Despite having done it once before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this time. The last two weeks have left me feeling incredibly stressed out for reasons we won’t get into here, and I found myself wondering if my body’s reaction to Reiki, might be to beat the shit out of my healer. No, seriously – I was really worried I might deck her the moment she lay her hands on me. We started our session the same way as last time, with me on my back; and just like last time, I burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter that emerged from really, really deep inside me. I laughed myself to tears – which was great because that meant I wouldn’t be going to jail for assaulting my healer. Phew!

Unlike the last time, I felt very few sensations besides the intense heat that emanated from my body with each chakra that was being healed. I felt like I was on fire – one look at S’ face told me I wasn’t imagining things – she was as red as a lobster! What I did notice, were a few subtle differences between my first session and this one; this time, when S ‘worked’ my stomach, I didn’t feel like a great weight was on me and I had no difficulty breathing. S also noticed the difference: the energy was flowing well and she felt a sense of peace. Interestingly, for her, it felt like she was being jabbed with pins the entire time she ‘worked’ on my stomach. On my end, I couldn’t believe she felt calmness and peace in this area because this is where I store my emotions, frustrations, stress. Considering how stressed I’ve been, I’d say this is major progress. Interestingly, when I lay on my stomach and S ‘worked’ on my lower back/sacrum, which is the opposite of my stomach, she also felt peacefulness. At first, I felt like I had a weight on me, but this feeling soon shifted to something else – a cooling sensation that ran vertically (up my spine), but not horizontally. Eventually, this sensation changed. I had a vision of a small orb emanating light. Think of a shard of mirror  (the size of an egg) and the way it deflects/reflects light. That’s also how my sacrum felt – like there was a cooling glow dispersing light. As some of you may know, I have been dealing with an injury to my sacrum for quite some time now, so it’s really interesting that this is where I felt these sensations. Cold = healing.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the way my path has been unfolding in 2012, and feel sure that it will lead me to exactly where I want/ need to be. Reiki is part of this journey; when I spoke to S about this a few weeks ago, she was at first surprised that I was asking about Reiki because we’ve known each other for 16 years, and I’ve never asked her about it before. I knew she was a Reiki Master – her certificates are up on her office wall for everyone to see. We agreed that Reiki has come into my life now because I’m ready for it now – because it’s an essential part of my path. Sometimes things manifest themselves at exactly the right time – it’s up to you to seize those moments or let them go. In any case, it occurred to me that undertaking something like Reiki means that you must allow yourself to be vulnerable. It takes a good deal of strength and open-mindedness to look at what’s inside of you and to make the decision to dig deeper, with the goal of ‘fixing’ yourself. It is my opinion that many people cannot do this. Pride, ego, fear and an inability to ‘let go’ all get in the way. After all – who wants to be reduced to a blubbering fool or a raving maniac in front of someone they may not even know? Luckily for me, I trust S implicitly and even though I do feel a little self-conscious about how I might respond, discovering what makes me tick, and removing the blocks is way more important to me. I’m totally willing to reveal my emotions if it means finding myself.  What about you?

Now, stay tuned to see what kind of crazy-ass dream I have tonight – maybe all the questions I had about my last dream will be answered by Bob the goat (I have affectionately named the Billy goat in my last dream, Bob). Speaking of Bob, I woke up thinking about him last week, and realized that Bob was head butting me in my last dream because he’s pushing me to take action – I think dude is encouraging me to get on the right path and get on with it already. Thanks Bob.


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