Reiki & W.T.F

Holy shit! Two posts in a row? It must be the end of the world!

A few weeks ago, I decided to try something that was completely new to me – something that would probably leave most people rather skeptical – Reiki.

My massage therapist of 16 years is a Reiki Master. Now, I’ve known this for many years but never thought to ask her about it until a month ago. I was curious to know what Reiki is and what it does. She explained to me that Reiki is the transfer of universal energy  from a healer (the Reiki master) to a recipient, via touch. The healer places his/her hands on specific areas of the body for a set period of time, starting at the head and working their way down your body (you first lie on your back). The process is then repeated (you lie on your stomach). Reiki is said to work with the chakras. Neither the healer nor the recipient has any control over how the recipient will react during a session. Some people have no reactions whatsoever, while others laugh, or cry, or feel anger. Your body will react the way that it needs to in that specific moment.  S and I spoke about it for some time, and the more she told me about it, the more drawn I felt to Reiki. S told me that it was interesting I had never asked her about Reiki until now. She thinks that this is because I wasn’t ‘ready’ before, but that I am now. I’m inclined to agree.  I decided my next appointment would be a Reiki session.

I had no clue what to expect. I lay on my back under a blanket, and S told me that I could open/ close my eyes, and speak throughout the session if I wanted to. The session began with S placing her hands on my face. Within a minute I started laughing uncontrollably. But I mean, REAL laughter people – the kind that emerges from the very depths of your being. I laughed so hard that I could barely breathe and I couldn’t speak. I had tears streaming down my face – I think this lasted 15-20 minutes! S said that in all the years she’s known me, she’s never seen me laugh so hard :-D.  I remember telling her that I hoped the laughing fit wasn’t going to last 90 minutes! (It didn’t).  During the session, I felt various sensations. First, S’ hands felt very hot (she said this represents fire, and usually fire = anger).  At times I felt tingling and/or vibrations, while other times I felt extremely cold (to the extent that I was shaking).  At other times I just felt an energy about me that I can’t explain.

Certain things definitely stood out for me; for the most part, S said that the energy was flowing really well. However, when she placed her hands on my abdomen, I suddenly felt a great weight on me that made it hard to breathe. S told me that the area was dense and that it was difficult for the energy to flow. She explained that this area is likely where I store my emotions, frustrations etc. and that it’s blocked. She was spot on with her take on this – I do store everything there, including my stress, anxiety, emotions – and I have intestinal issues that cause me a lot of problems.  Later, when S’ hands were on my shoulders, I had the same feeling – like a great weight was present. S explained that the shoulders carry burdens, weights – both physically and figuratively.  The interesting thing was that once she moved her hands down to my middle back, I suddenly started feeling this fresh, cooling sensation on my shoulders but nowhere else. It sort of felt like when you use a strong mouthwash or toothpaste – cool and refreshing. S told me cold = healing. At the end of the session, my body felt amazing – I felt like I’d had a massage! I’ll be going for session #2 in two weeks and am really looking forward to it.

Now for you dream interpreters… S told me that if you dream after a Reiki session, the dream is usually significant. Let’s see if anyone can decipher this crazy-ass dream:

I was at my friend’s house, and everyone was home (her, the hubs and the two kids). I saw everyone at least once, except the daughter. My friend was in the living room on her mobile. I was in the kitchen – there were no curtains or blinds on any of the windows or doors. There were dishes all over the counters – I think they were clean. I started rinsing them to put them in the dishwasher but when I opened the machine, it was full of dishes (they also looked clean) so I told the hubs that I’d do what I could but he’d have to take care of the rest. He walked over to the door and called me over, pointing up toward the sky. I looked up and first noticed that it was bright blue and super sunny out. There was a big cloud in the sky but it was one of those flimsy ones that looks like it’s disintegrating. In it, I could see a face. I went to get my camera but by the time I stepped outside with the boy, the cloud was gone. But there was another cloud – also flimsy-looking, that was shaped like a funnel – wide at the top and narrowing to a point at the bottom. It was full of holes. I turned toward the house, looking upward and saw a huge leafy tree that was filled with birds. All of them flew out at the same time. I turned back toward the yard and saw a small deer. I knew it was male. He approached me and I bent down to pet it. Every time I tried to take his picture, I couldn’t. The button wouldn’t work or the deer would smush his nose into the lens. The deer walked further down the step that’s connected to the deck. I went back inside to look for my friend and found her still on the phone, in her room, wearing a pink shirt.  What. The. Fuck?!  When I woke up, I realized that the animal wasn’t a deer, but a goat with sand-colored fur. He had no horns.

So… Anyone care to take a guess on what this dream means? I’m still trying to work it out!


Has anyone tried Reiki before? If so, what did you think?


7 thoughts on “Reiki & W.T.F

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  2. I haven’t got a clue what that dream means. Other than maybe trying to wash the clean dishes means that you sometimes you tend to be a perfectionist about things? Maybe? I don’t know.

    Reiki sounds really interesting. I kind of want to try it, but I’m scared. Who knows how I’d end up reacting!

    • When I spoke to my massage therapist about it, I had a strong feeling that I should try it – like it might be part of my journey to the center of enlightenment, LOL! Reiki is about healing, but my understanding is that you should not undertake Reiki with the goal of being a Reiki ‘practitioner’ – you should undertake this for yourself, first and foremost. You can use it to heal yourself, and to heal others with direct contact or from a distance – but you must ask the recipient permission to transfer your energy to them. To become a Reiki Master, you have to do Level 1 and Level 2 initiations + train with your Reiki teacher for 5 years if you want to become a ‘Master.’ I’m definitely thinking about getting initiated to both levels, thought not sure if I’ll do the 5 year thing. Stay tuned for session #2!

  3. Your Reiki session sounds great – my father practices Reiki…I’m not sure what level he’s on, but I’ve never gone for a Reiki session like the one you described. Dad generally used it for healing – when we were ill or had terrible pain. It helped… But was nothing like you describe. Makes me want to give it a try!

  4. You left out the detail of me wearing a pink shirt when you originally told me 🙂 I have some theories on the deer/goat… one of them being that people are not always what they appear to be. It’s sometimes how we see them (and not how they truly are) that is our reality. Still thinking about the significance of the clouds…

    • We will discuss on Saturday! I feel that the dream was positive overall; the bright blue sky and the sun are good indicators I think. And the clouds were flimsy – not fat black ones!

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