The Truth of the Matter

You’re probably not surprised to hear that I’ve had writer’s block for the last couple of months. I’ve given this problem a lot of thought lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve got too many thoughts in my head, thus, making it difficult to neatly compartmentalize them and write cohesively. BUT Spring is upon us and I’m a big fan of Spring cleaning, so why not clear the cobwebs from my brain and get on with the writing already?

Six years ago, I embarked on a journey that was largely fueled by a need to reprogram my mind and body so that stress would no longer be a source of torment for me, both physically and mentally. I’d reached the point where my body was reacting very, very strongly against the amount of stress that I was imposing upon it and something had to give. When you find yourself (seriously) thinking that you’re going to be the cause of your own heart attack at the early age of 32, you know you’ve got to get off your ass and change the things in your life that are negatively impacting you.  The problem was that I spent a lot of time inside my own head – so while much of my stress was caused by a third party, a shit load came from my own self.  I found myself wishing for an OFF switch on numerous occasions, but sadly no such thing existed. Damn it! Do I have to solve all of the world’s problems myself?!  Anyway, being unsuccessful in finding the much sought after OFF switch, and not really knowing what might help alleviate all my stress and unnecessary over-thinking, I opted to try yoga. Now, I should tell you that the mere thought of yoga stressed me out. Why? Err… well I’m more of the kick-boxer type and I was seriously convinced that the act of yoga itself would stress me the hell out . When I first tried it, I hated it. It was way too slow and I saw no value in it whatsoever. I was still stressed out, still thinking too much and still assuming I’d have a heart attack ‘any day now.’  Eventually I discovered two yogis whose style spoke to me, and I decided to try yoga again. It took a while (OK, a few years) but thankfully, I  began feeling the benefits of maintaining a regular yoga practice, and I  eventually grasped the concept of letting go. It took a LONG time for me to get there – I like to be in control so ‘letting go’ was a foreign concept to me. At some point on the road to enlightenment, I learned that my need to be in control was fueled by my ego. That bastard!

Two years ago, my yogic efforts came to fruition, when my yoga practice became more about the spiritual journey and less about the pursuit of physical perfection. It’s true – while I started doing yoga to help me relieve stress, I was also (mainly) doing it to lose weight/be fit. But the more I practiced, the more I realized that yoga grounds me. It helps to de-clutter my mind and offers  me a form of clarity that I haven’t experienced before. It allows me to turn inward and reflect upon myself – whether it’s a shituation I’ve found myself in, an energy boost that I need or simply some quiet time to help me refocus.  Yoga makes me feel amazing, and as a result, my spirit is much calmer and my stress is almost non-existent (I said ALMOST people). I am grateful for discovering something that yields benefits in so many different ways – and it’s definitely more sane then a drug addiction, right!? =-D

Funny where my yoga practice has led me…. In 2011, I met a local yoga teacher that I’d heard a lot about via Lululemon. Coincidentally, we ‘met’ via the blogosphere, when I randomly came across his web site. A light went off when I saw his name – what were the odds that I’d find this guy via a Google search?  Now, I don’t believe in coincidences, so I knew that our paths crossing had to mean something.’ And so I reached out to him; Bram (who I’ve mentioned here before) has been giving me private yoga classes every couple of months for the last year or so. I’ve been learning a lot from him both on and off the mat, so when I decided that 2012 was going to be my year of change, I asked him to mentor me. I have changed a lot in the last two years; my focus is very much on the positive, on letting go of my shit and not sweating the small stuff. Essentially, if I have no control over ‘it’ then ‘it’ isn’t worth stressing over.  I am seeking enlightenment. Joy. Wholeness. So it was important to me to work with someone who had positive energy, whose vibe I felt and who could relate to where I was and where I want to go. I am in the process of examining various areas of my life – some of which will lead me to specific goals, while others involve a closer look at myself. One of the areas that has been on my mind a lot is relationships. Or specifically, my relationships.

For some time now, I have felt unsatisfied with many of my friendships (not all, but a lot). When I think about how much time and effort I have invested in people who don’t seem to reciprocate or even give a shit, it makes me tired. I’m tired of making efforts to keep friendships going, tired of doing all the reaching out, of being the event coordinator (otherwise we never each each other), tired of being understanding when they don’t have time to see me, tired of listening to one-side conversations about other peoples’ lives/problems/whatever, tired of getting little if any support for things that are important to me but not important to them. Am I the perfect friend? No, of course not.  I can be self-absorbed or negative or cranky just like anyone else. But I am PRESENT in my relationships, and I am loyal to my friends. I very much believe that relationships are two-way streets and that both parties must make an effort to nurture the friendship if it is to evolve, otherwise it will disintegrate. That said, I’m not the same person I was two years ago – but the people of which I speak have no idea because they haven’t been present. So perhaps that’s the answer; I realized a while ago that it might be time to move on from certain relationships. It looks like now is that time.

Goal #1 = Accomplished!


What’s your take on relationships? How do you make yours work?


Peace out,




9 thoughts on “The Truth of the Matter

  1. Oh goodness. So many things in this post spoke to me. First, I’ve really been feeling drawn to yoga lately. I know it’s something I really need to put some effort into, for a lot of reasons. Second, I know what you mean about friends. I have some great friends that are really good people, but life circumstances have changed and we just aren’t in the same place in life. I feel like we’re growing apart. It doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends, but it’s time to expand my circle and meet some new people that understand me and that I can have good conversations with.

    • I think that if you try yoga, you will know whether or not it speaks to you – and then you can decide if it’s something you want to make time for. For me, I didn’t really have any expectations when I went into it (except that it would stress me out!) but now, I have numerous expectations that are fueled by what I’ve experienced and learned. It’s great! You can check out your local Lululemon store – they usually offer 1-2 free yoga classes a week with local yoga teachers. Great way to start without necessarily investing.

      I do agree with what you say about life circumstances changing the nature of your relationships; that said, I think that if you truly care about your friendships, you will make the effort to maintain them. I have a friend that I only talk to or see very few months – but that’s the nature of our relationship and I know that at some point, one of us will reach out. But I can’t say that about many of my relationships, so rather than feel frustrated about it, I made the decision (a while ago) to move on and invest my energy in people who actually give a crap.

  2. I realized quite some time ago that I was the only contributing factor in most of my relationships, and that it was this fact that was the cause of most of my stress and depression. I walked away.

    I know that it may sound crazy, but it’s true. I picked up and moved from the state I was living in to move to Vegas. I left all my friends behind and even stopped talking to most of my family. I started fresh with my main focus being the only relationships that truly mattered to me, Mr T and the kids. I have worked very hard to keep focused on what matters most. It’s been refreshing.

    While I can’t say that my stress and depression have vanished, I can say that the cause of them has definitely shifted in a positive way. My stress mainly comes from time management, and not having enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I’d like to. My depression stems from medical issues that plague my immediate family, which is something I can only treat and not prevent.

    This has been a work in progress and is something I will have to continually work on. I still receive random emails and voicemails from people who need something or want something from me. I’ve slowly learned I have caller ID for a reason and both my voicemail box and my email have a delete button.

    Good to have you back 🙂

    • What you say makes perfect sense to me, and I never considered that being the main contributor in my relationships might also be a cause of stress. But it definitely resonates with me. You so smart! 😉

      My stress has not completely vanished either, but that’s something that’s wired in me. I’ve learned that positive energy, and positive relationships definitely play a big role in how you feel. Sometimes you have to move on from those who don’t value a relationship as much as you do and focus on your other relationships – old and new. That said, if I compare my stress levels now vs. 5 years ago, there is a huge difference. For that, I am grateful!

      It definitely sounds like you’re on the right track – so keep at it 🙂

  3. Well, I suck at keeping in touch, big time! But if any of them needs me, they just need to holler. I also tend to put friends first – its probably stupid, but that’s the way I’ve always been.

  4. I’m not the best with relationships,at times I tend to be distant.
    But I try to be there when my friends need me, I listen and help the best I can.

    That’s my little thought.

    Nice to see you back Ann 🙂

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