Out & About, Looking for Tacos

My original [tentative] plan for today was to attend Yoga Mala – a fundraiser organized by the yoga community. I was looking forward to flowing through 108 sun salutations outside in Jeanne Mance park, but I held off committing to this venue due to the crazy-ass weather we’ve been having. When I woke up this morning, it was raining. Big surprise. So thanks to Mother Nature, who is still PMSing, I skipped Yoga Mala. I did have to go out, however (God, I hate going out in the rain!) – and I shot a few pics that I thought I’d share:

Photo: RAnnDomized


I saw this in a bathroom - loosley translated, it means ' Say no to drugs. Say yes to tacos.' I guess that's one way of kicking your habit. (Photo: RAnnDomized)


This is the window display of my favorite macaron shop. Loosely translated it says 'Lick, Drink, Bite, Experiment.' With a motto like that, I guess it comes as no surprise that this place is called Le Point G (G-Spot)! (Photo: RAnnDomized)

And my favorite:

What more can I say? Mr. Jihad is almost as politically incorrect as me =-D (Photo: RAnnDonized)


What did you get up to this weekend?


9 thoughts on “Out & About, Looking for Tacos

  1. That sounds like a say no to drugs campaign I’d put together. Maybe it was me! I’ve been told I speak French in my sleep. At least the kind usually followed by “excuse my French.”

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