Hearing Voices

So, I’m sitting on the toilet in the bathroom at the doctor’s office. There’s quiet music and the sound of water running softly outside in the waiting room. I’m the only one there aside from the doctor. Faintly, as if coming from the walls I hear, “Ann!” Like…quiet screaming. Like what Horton heard when he heard a Who. “Ann!”. Fearing that I am losing my mind, I desperately try to ignore this little, wee voice shouting at me…. “Annnnnnnn!”. Interestingly enough, I decide to answer this voice with, ” Umm..I’m on the toilet..??” And then, laughter..the voice is laughing at me! I’m about to dial 911 and have myself taken to the hospital when I identified the voice as L2’s, coming from my bag , shouting and laughing hysterically, “Ann, your phone called me! Ann, pick up your phone…!”

One of my besties sent me this yesterday – how could I not share, LOL? Obviously this didn’t happen to me, but I had to switch up the names so that the crazy person’s identity remained confidential 😀

Coincidentally, my BlackBerry crank-dialed this guy I met recently (so we don’t really know each other very well). It did this on Tuesday at 7:15 a.m.  Of course, I had absolutely no clue until I pulled out the BB at 7:23 a.m. to check my emails…. this is when I realized that the line had been open for eight minutes, and who the damn thing had called. I promptly disconnected and texted dude to say “Umm, I think my BB accidentally called you. Hope I didn’t wake you!”  Of course I had, otherwise the line wouldn’t be open.  I didn’t receive a response so I figured he either went back to sleep or assumed I was a stalker.  At 10:45 a.m. I received a text message. Dude had just woken up and was obviously VERY late for work (LOL!) – he blamed my ‘wake-up call’ for his tardiness, while I laughed hysterically. Hey – that’s one way to make an impression, no?

So… who else has a story to share?

LMAO! I think I might run just because of the expression on this guy's face! (Also, I would like to mention that this is NOT the guy I met :-p)


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