Thursdays with Tori: Unexpected Pleasures

Greetings RAnnDomizers!

Welcome to another edition of Thursdays with Tori. You’re in luck this month, because technically, this piece should only be featured in June. But hey, I’m making Tori crank out her creativity these days. What can I say – I’m a real slave driver!

In keeping with Tori’s last piece, her latest, Unexpected Pleasures is also an ode to Spring. These are Hawthorn flowers that were set in a patch of woodland; Tori loved the way the flowers in the background formed the perfect backdrop for the offset blooms in the foreground. Minimal colour and contrast adjustments, with all the emphasis on cropping, made this a perfect shot:

Also, birthday greetings go out to the fabulous Elly-Belly – my Australian home-girl! Happy birthday Elly! (OK, technically, your birthday was yesterday, but for me, it’s today!

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