Allergies are Depressing!

No, it’s true! Those of you who know me, know that I’m allergic to the universe – trees, plants, grass, pollen, cats – you name it. I’m convinced that I might be better off living in a bubble – I would spend a lot less money on Reactine and Nasonex, which I’m on year-round. Anyway, I came across an interesting article yesterday in Le Journal de Montreal that I thought I’d share. I’m paraphrasing and translating here, so don’t take my word as gold!

Basically, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re twice as likely to suffer from mild depression. Symptoms present in those who suffer from allergies are similar to those of a cold, and can impact you both physically and mentally. Apparently, once your body reacts to allergens, molecules known as Cytokines send signals to your brain and these can provoke symptoms like mild depression, feelings of sadness, lethargy and fatigue. Holy smoke Batman! That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, but I’ve also felt guilt-ridden because I assumed I was just going through an extreme phase of laziness! I am relieved to know that this is not the case at all. Damn allergies.

The mild depression that is felt by allergy sufferers is a side effect that is [possibly] generated by the medication(s) used to treat allergies, more than the allergies themselves.  Who knew? According to researchers, allergies constitute a higher risk for mild depression. The study was based out of Minneapolis, but it wasn’t clear in Le Journal, who the exact source was.

Living in a bubble doesn’t seem so bad…. it might serve two purposes – keeping the allergies at bay, and preventing negative energy from infiltrating your Zenitude!


8 thoughts on “Allergies are Depressing!

    • Well, I actually found out my allergies aren’t the cause of my fatigue etc. I’m protein-deficient so need to triple my protein intake. So… guess I’ll finally have to start supplementing my non-meat eating habits!

      • is that going to be difficult? Are you going to take supplements or find protein in other foods? Inquiring minds want to know…..

      • I actually have to take a natural supplement for now, to give me a boost. I’ve been beyond exhausted! Doc gave me a hemp-based supplement – all natural, no crap. He told me to put it in chocolate milk to nuke the “interesting” taste!

  1. Oh god I know how you must be feeling. I get hayfever all year round – dust and animal hair sets it off pretty badly. I manage it with a preventative nasal spray called Rhinocort. The pills don’t seem to work for me! I’ve also been on Zoloft since I was 16 for depression. Coincidence??

  2. But you’re not allergic to bunnies named Mo, right?

    Sucks you have to deal with this, but hey, now you know you’re not lazy!

    Also, I love the bubble pic. Makes me want to jump in there too!

    • Come on in, girl! 😉

      Mo keeps his distance – he’s playing hard to get, so I don’t know yet if I’m allergic to bunnies but my guess is…. yes? LOL!

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