Toilets & Bunny Love

Sometimes having a Blackberry comes in handy – how else could I capture this perfect bathroom moment?  I do wonder what kind of ‘mysterious’ objects this restaurant has come across because obviously something prompted this sign:

Translation: No mysterious objects in our toilet!

On an unrelated note, the bunnies have been visiting me frequently since the start of “Spring” (I use this term loosely as I don’t think “Spring” will ever make an appearance this year). I’ve got four rabbits running amuck on my property (there used to be two but mummy & daddy had two fur balls last year):  the two big ones are known as Mr. and Mrs. Mo, while the two minis are known as Mo and Mo. Yes, I have named all four of them ‘Mo,’ as I cannot tell them apart. That said, the mini Mos are smaller and quick as lightening –  I often see a brown blur out of the corner of my eye, a sure sign that one of the minis has sped by in a great big hurry. In any case, one of the minis is quite fond of me and dare I say, I think he has a crush on me. Yes, it’s true – bunny love is in the house! I often look up to find Mini Mo sitting outside my balcony, eyeballing me. He positions himself in such a way that allows him to observe me from one eyeball, and he will sit there until he notices that I’ve spotted him.  When Mo realized that he’s been caught in the act, off he goes like a bat out of hell. This is my bunny stalker – today though, he’s got his back to me and I suspect he might be upset that he didn’t see me all weekend:

Bunny love

Now, if only I could supersize him – he could put Stomping Tom in his place once and for all!

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9 thoughts on “Toilets & Bunny Love

  1. Thats awesome. Bunnies are so dang cute. Did you ever think of making that rabbit an offer he couldn’t refuse? You know, Vegas style? maybe for a nice set of carrots he’ll take Tom out for you. You never know unless you try 😉

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