Rain, Yoga & Cupcakes

Despite Montreal’s miserable weather (once again, it’s raining), I had a fabulous day. I’ve been going to bed early all week, so getting up early this morning wasn’t difficult; admittedly, I was a little eager to get to Luna for my long overdue yoga class with Bram.

What an amazing start to my day! Practicing with Bram has left me feeling happy, energized and totally chillaxed. I loved every minute of our practice, including the conversation that preceded my time on the mat, as well as my blond moment, when I forgot what Uttanasana (forward-bending) meant! I only hear this term every time I get on my mat – DUH!  Anyway, it was great to get some hands on assistance and discover a few new poses too. My body and mind feel so refreshed – rejuvenated – I think it’s safe to say that my motivation to practice regularly has come back (YAY ME!).  Bram sealed our practice with Om Shanti – this is used as a parting salutation, sending one off with well wishes. “Shanti” means “peace”. In any case, Bram and I sat facing each other with our eyes closed. Bram began chanting Om Shanti, while I sat silent, stifling the urge to laugh. I’m not used to chanting in yoga yet but would like to mention that Bram has a great voice! My how I love yoga.

After yoga, the Friendly Green Giant met me for brunch, and we hit up Olive & Gourmando, my new favorite brunch/lunch place in the Old Port. I LOVE it! Every morsel of food is homemade, and filled with deliciousness. It’s like a culinary orgasm every time – yum!

Cajun chicken w/avocados, mangos, tomatos on fabulous bread!

FGG and I then checked out Les Glaceurs, which is probably the best place for anyone who loves cupcakes. Personally, I’m not much of a cupcake fan, but I make an exception for these guys. Here are a few pics to make you salivate – I took this with my Blackberry so the quality is so-so.

Cupcakes in a lollipop format. Who knew!?

This is what I had - le choco-orange

How awesome are these? The ones on the left are chocolate chip cookie dough - not sure about the green ones.

Choco-menthe and some kind of caramel cupcake

Red Velvet

This would make an awesome wedding cake, no? For someone else of course.

We left Les Glaceurs and as we were heading to the subway, I saw this in a window – for reasons that should be obvious to my friends, I had to take a pic! Also, I immediately thought of Elly-belly:

Everyone knows how I love to flip people off so the first thing I noticed was the monkey's middle finger. The penis was just an added attraction. Then I noticed that the shop window was full of wooden penises - I have no clue what kind of place this is, and didn't go in to find out!

I'm not sure if that's a woman hiding behind the giant penis, or if it's a dude that's really, really well hung!

Lastly, I think my morning practice inspired me because I’ve come up with a name for my new music series: Mixed Tape.

And that was my day in YUL. What did you all do this weekend, and did you run into any random penises? 😀

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One thought on “Rain, Yoga & Cupcakes

  1. I’ve always wanted to do Yoga and the chanting sounds so relaxing. I got a book a bit ago about Buddhism and such and I am fascinated by it. It’s really up my alley.
    The cupcakes look divine. The monkey picture and the penis sculpture is hilarious! Love the title for your music series!!!

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