An Ode to Mum

In a word (or three), my mum is fabulous. She is awesome. She rocks.

One of the things that I’m most grateful for is growing up with a stay-at-home mom. I firmly believe that because of mom’s constant presence in my life, I developed into a well-rounded human being – one with a good moral compass and a great set of values. For this, I am, and will always be eternally grateful – both to my mom, for making the decision to stay home with my brother and I, and to my dad, who worked very hard to make this possible. Mom created a wonderful home life for us and her presence was always felt. For this, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my pitter-pattering heart!

Mom is selfless and devoted to her family, always putting our needs ahead of her own – even when in hospital(!). Yes, her biggest concerns were whether or not dad would eat (he’s diabetic), how far away I lived from the hospital (it was quite a drive + gas is spendy), and how upset my brother must be, being so far away from home at a time like ‘this’ (he’s in Australia). Never mind that she’d had a stroke (or so we thought at the time) – it was still all about us. This attitude has not changed since I was little and I doubt that it ever will. So as a tribute to mom, I’d like to share some of my fondest memories, in no particular order (perhaps now you’ll see where I get my quirks from!).

– Being tucked into bed every night (when I go home, she sometimes still does that!)

– Being bundled up in winter, particularly when we had those crazy-ass storms (and I needed to be fully ‘equipped’ to build those snow forts). I loved that yellow scarf with the duck embroidered on it! I also loved that mom wiped my runny noise for me, since with all my ‘equipment,’ I couldn’t actually do it myself!

– The 100% home cooking. The fact that mom got up every morning when Marty and I were in school, and prepared both of our lunches (from scratch of course) and always made sure they were healthy as can be. And how can I forget the cook-a-thons – mom used to set aside days in order to make her own relish, pickles, beets, donuts, egg rolls – you name it! Can’t tell she’s Italian though, right? 🙂

– The time I was in the living room, and Marty raced past me and out the front door, with mom right behind him (LOL!). I don’t know what he’d done, but he obviously thought (and hoped) that he would escape mom’s wrath by exiting the ‘premises’. I stood in the window watching my brother running down the street, with mom in hot pursuit right behind him! I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect that… and neither did the neighbors, LOL!

– Mom’s random outbursts of song (usually in French); sometimes these songs were just an expression of how she was feeling (let’s be clear – mom was/ is always happy). And as you know, music is a big part of my life…. so when my stereo was on, there were several instances when mom would spontaneously dance her way into my room, singing away to The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Ministry and of course (mostly) U2! Her songs were usually accompanied with a dance or two, though sometimes she would just jump up down waving her hands in the air! This visual still makes me laugh today – clearly she was enjoying herself! I’m pleased to report that mom still sings, and yes, she still dances.

– Mom’s protective attitude. No one messes with her kids, even though her ‘kids’ are now 33 and 37!

Happy Mother’s Day! (to all moms, not just mine)

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