I Rock: Thanking the Academy

Greetings ladies & gents!
First, let me start this post with a confession: I confess that I have been cheating on my blog with my bed. And my pillow. In fact, it almost feels like I’ve divorced my blog and substituted it for my bed. What can I say? ‘Bed’ has monopolized all of my time as of late; ‘Bed’ is so warm and comfy, and it lends no judgment nor does it scold me for my ongoing laziness and it doesn’t make me go to the gym when I don’t want to. If only it could cook – then I’d never have to leave my bed(room)!  Anyway, ‘Bed’ is partially responsible for my blogging absence, but so has lack of inspiration. The wheels have started turning again so you should be seeing new posts soon. My philosophy is that if it ain’t worth shit, then it ain’t worth posting. Now, on to more important matters!

I have been presented with the Stylish Bloggers Award, courtesy of fellow blogette Jill, over at Thypolar. So without further ado, I would like to thank the WordPress Academy <Ann takes a bow>, my friends, my family (actually, my mother since she’s the only family member who reads my blog, thank you very much), and the blogtastic bloggers and blogettes whom I have met thus far. More specifically, I would like to thank Jill (and Mr. T) for their dedication and unwavering support – and for almost always being the first two to read my posts (how did I do guys?). YAY ME! I rock, right?

Now, in order to accept this award, I must reveal seven things about myself and present this award to seven fellow bloggers. Since this award is all about me, let me start by revealing seven top secret things about RAnnDomized:


1- I love argyle socks. In fact, all of my work socks are argyle. The longer they are, the better – nothing like a funky pair of knee-length argyle socks to complete an outfit.

2- I hate cats. Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise to those of you who know me, but do you know why I hate cats? Because they’re evil! Yes, I truly believe that! And they’re useless.

3- While I have a sense of humor (read my etiquette posts if you require proof), I have a strong dislike for comedic movies. I can’t stand stupidity unless it’s smart, witty and sarcastic. I hated The Wedding Crashers and I cannot stand that giant idiot of a man, Will Ferrell. Anything with Owen Wilson drives me positively insane; I mean, REALLY, you’d think with all his money he could afford a bloody nose job! But on the flip side, I loved Meet the Fockers and 40-Year Old Virgin. Oh yes, and old-school shows like The Cosby Show, I Love Lucy and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still crack me up.

4- I would love to throw my Blackberry onto the AMT’s train tracks and watch the 7:20 train flatten it. I don’t think ‘the people‘ who pay for it would appreciate this, and frankly, I would hate to spend my hard-earned money to replace it so… once in a while I satisfy myself by visualizing its destruction.

5- If I could meet three people to have conversations with, they would be: Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Bono. Really, I’d just be using Bono to get to Mr. Clayton 😀

6- I composed a song many years ago that some of my friends (and mom) still sing, or quote to me. Sometimes they make about them, and sometimes they make it about me. I sporadically burst into (this) song whenever I’m stressed out or people are pissing me off. Testing, testing: the first one to guess the song wins a prize! But wait! Don’t get too excited because the prize is just a cup of coffee :-p  That said, I frequently make up my own unique songs to existing music; these are usually born out of frustration or joy, depending on my mood. The lyrics are usually pretty creative and sometimes politically incorrect. Friends: can you please confirm that what I say is true by commenting? Or I will kick your asses.

7- 99% of the time, I don’t hold grudges. Once I’ve said what I had to say about a particular situation, it’s done and I move on with or without the person in question. That said, this is dependent on the situation; if a person has betrayed me, they automatically go on my blacklist, end of story.  I won’t hold a grudge, but our friendship/ relationship will be over. I have also learned to walk away from people who carry too much negative energy or who don’t contribute anything positive to a relationship. I mean, while misery may love company, I like my company to come in the form of shiny, happy people!


And now, who shall I nominate in turn? (Note: I can’t nominate Jill since she already received this award)…. also, since I like to break the rules, I’m only nominating five bloggers – maybe I’ll nominate two more later. Also, I suck at describing other peoples’ blogs so I strongly suggest you hightail it over to these five, pronto!


Modern Gypsy: Shinjini writes about different things – her travels, photography, books, art – and there’s a spiritual side to her that I quite like!

Good At Life: I recently discovered Dara’s blog and love it! She basically writes about her journey toward becoming good at life – she’s positive, energetic and also loves yoga, which makes me happy 🙂

Express Mom: Expressmom is a funny, homeschooling mom who writes about well, being a mom. Don’t let her blog title ‘Practicing Buddhism’ fool you – she’s not a Buddhist – well not a full practicing one anyway… (LOL)!

Designer Wife: Lindsey is hilarious – she writes about her cooking adventurous, her addiction to Starbucks and a whole bunch of other interesting things like health and fitness. What I love about her blog, is that she posts photos of almost everything!

Connect to the Sky: Bram is a Montreal yogi who doesn’t write enough blog posts (hint!). But when he does, it’s always interesting, well thought-out and something you can relate to. It’s not a blog about yoga – it’s about living a happy, helathy lifestyle, and the ways in which we can become more self-aware.


Have a great weekend!




10 thoughts on “I Rock: Thanking the Academy

  1. Pingback: Stylishly yours | Modern Gypsy

  2. Oh awesome Ann, congratulations!! And thanks for nominating me!! 😀
    Boo on the cats – I love them, as you know! And yay on the comedy – I can’t stand those stupid, inane dumb comedies. I loved Meet the Fockers too…but my all-time favorite pick me up is The Birdcage. Love Robbie Williams and Nathan Lane! Now…off to brag about the award on my blog! 😉

    • My pleasure, my dear! You are definitely stylin’! 😉

      I haven’t seen The Birdcage but I know what movie you mean – so maybe I’ll have to check it out. Oh, actually there are two more that I really liked – The Devil Wears Prada and 13 Going on 30! And I still like South Park, and all of its political incorrectness lol.

  3. I don’t blame you for cheating on us with a bed. If I had it my way I would still be there too. I’m just thankfull you have choosen this time to take off, it has given me time to catch up on my podcasts. but from here on out I am looking forward to your 5am (our time) posts. I’ll even settle for your after work posts. Either way congrats on the award but now get your butt out of bed and write something 🙂

  4. Bravo my friend, Bravo. You are absolutely fantastico! What have I realized you ask? You and I have more in common that I thought. With that said I must say that The Cosby show, I Love Lucy and the Fresh Prince of BelAir ROCK! I even have the mini-me’s watching them.

    We have a cat (Mr T does) and she is an an evil biotch! (the Asylum’s admission report coming soon to a Thypolar blog near you!)

    Congrats on the award. you deserve it! Having an affair is perfectly acceptable. Just as long as you have enough love to spread around 😉

  5. Yay!! Congratulations on your award Ann!!:)

    Well you have left me doing LELELE!! more and I enjoy it! Lol don’t worry though I know it is trademarked to you, but I like borrowing it 🙂

    And yes cats are useless,but I have an exceptional cat named Bunny who thinks he is a dog and he my friends is not useless, even people who hate
    cats love my Bunny! So there are some exceptions 😉

  6. Oh oh, I know the answer to your famous own song: “Everyone sucks but me!!”

    Great blog post as always! and I’m glad for your re-connection with the blog; Was starting to miss these good reads! Keep em coming!!

    Oh and being a cat owner myself (unfortunately..) I have to agree; cats are absolutely useless!! (sorry to any cat lovers out there..)

    Have a great weekend

    Your faithful fan,

    A 🙂

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