Pics of the day, Courtesy of….

A few weeks ago, my kid brother hit up one of the zoos in Sydney, and his girlfriend took a few pics. I thought I’d share some of these with you, so that you can all accompany me in my jealous envy. I need to get down under, pronto! Check a few of these out (all photos taken by Elly Hart):

Come on, who wouldn't want a wee 'roo as a pet? I think this little guy could assist me with my neighborly problems - once he grows to full size, he can thump his tail or his head, on the ceiling. HELLO TOM!

This bird's got quite the tail-feather. Elly, please educate us - what's this guy called?

What are you looking at?

I head to look twice to make sure he was real. After confirming with my brother, I can proceed with my initial reaction: SO cute!

OK, someone explain to me how this position is comfortable. Especially if this koala is a dude!?

I checked - these little dudes are also real. I wonder what they're doing all lined up like that.... perhaps this is an army of wee birds.

I present to you, a real life Tasmanian Devil... don't be fooled by his docile appearance - I think this one's just a baby. They're mean little buggers.

This croc is also real. I wouldn't want him chomping on my leg... would you?


And I saved the best for last. A picture truly IS worth a thousand words (LOL):

I would love to know what this kangaroo is thinking of LOL.... he seems quite enthralled by something! Do kangaroos have some kind of mating call, similar to my Bedouin call?


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14 thoughts on “Pics of the day, Courtesy of….

  1. I have no idea what that bird is, and I’m not sure what to put in Google to find out. Looks like we may need to do another trip if only to find out the name of this bird… I have to know now too!

  2. Oh my god these pictures are spectacular. I’d love to be able to visit Australia. I think having a roo for a pet would be awesome. He could keep my zoo in line and hop on over to punch/kick my neighbor whenever necessary! Oh BTW, I have a dog that sleeps just like that damn Koala. That Tasmanian Devil looks like he has a hidden agenda (He’s my Idol) 😉

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