Who Invented Migraines?

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty feverish. Actually, let me correct myself – I felt like a volcano in the midst of a full-on eruption and I’m convinced that I burned a few pounds of fat as a result (this is the good part!). Then around 4 a.m. I woke up again, with the most intense bloody migraine EVER. It’s (because ‘it’ is still present) the kind of migraine where everything hurts – my head, my face, my jaw, my neck – even my ears hurt.  Light and sound are the bane of my existence – does anyone have a cave I can crawl into?  So, despite my ongoing hope that this week would get better, I have officially abandonned this hope because clearly, it’s not. Clearly I was meant to have one of those shitty weeks and no amount of positive thinking or yoga, is going to change that. All I can say to ‘that’ is Poop.

Thanks to the MiPAIN, I started off my day pretty damn early by popping migraine pills and drinking some pretty strong coffee. I’m hoping the caffeine boost dulls the headache, however when it’s this intense, it’s usually a no-win situation. What I would like to do right now, is rip off my own head and toss it to the wolves. Or have someone put me in one of those medieval torture devices where you get stretched out like Gumby – I think this would help! Anyone have such a contraption lying around? If so, I’m on my way! (Don’t worry – I won’t hold you personally responsible for deforming me – I might even thank you for slimming me down).

Here’s where I want to be right now – wouldn’t this make everything brighter and sunnier? Not to mention, migraine-free? Why yes, yes it would! So Elly-belly: tell my brother who doesn’t read my blog (:-p) to set up the guest room ’cause I’m on my way! Can you pick me up at the airport? :-p

How’s everyone’s week going so far? More importantly, where do you want to escape to? 😀


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29 thoughts on “Who Invented Migraines?

  1. Grr! I hope you’re better now…and that you have a fantastic week tomorrow!
    Now, where I’d like to escape to…let’s see…maybe an African safari, or a trip to Egypt & a cruise along the Nile, or maybe trapaise through Italy, or poke around the Louvre…ooh, the possibilities are endless!
    Now, if only someone paid me to travel! Sigh!

    • I’m with you there – maybe we should start our own business – travel writing? We both write, and we both take pics – I think we have a winner! I have a migraine hangover, so not as bad as yesterday but still lingering in the background. My head wants 5pm to get its ass over here pronto!

  2. AWWW…. I am sorry your week has been so horrible! If you do find a cave let me know, cause after you are done with it my 3 yr old told me tonight that he needs to find a cave cause he is going to be batman when he grows up. Plus, I would not mind crawling in it once in a while when I have had just about enough of kids, work and life in general! I hope your weekend goes AWESOME!

  3. Ugh. So sorry about the migraine. I get them all the time; hence the midieval torture device (though that’s not what I usually use it for!). I’d vote for the cruise. I want to take one too, even though they scare me. Ever see the movie Titanic? Just my luck my damn cruise ship would blown up.

  4. YES! YOU’RE COMING!! It’s going to be so much fun. Sydney will get rid of the migraine (or I’ve got meds that will also do the trick). Just tell me when you’re landing and I’ll pick you up and have a kickass itinerary set up and everything. Take time off work so I can be tour guide and you can show me how to party Canadian style! 🙂

  5. First, its kind of a personal question but yes we have one of those “contraption’s” laying around. (Long story, ill let her explain) Second, I would have to vote for a cruise, any cruise would do as long as I had the wife by my side and permission to chuck a cell phone over board.(it only took 10 mins to write this comment) third, I hope the head starts to cooperate soon. THY gets those all the times and I know they’re a killer

  6. Sorry about your migraine Ann,and your crappy week, I hope you feel better soon.
    And tomorrow is Friday! 🙂

    To answer your question where would I like to escape to right now, well my boss recently got back from Disneyland and she showed me her pictures yesterday I would love to be there right now I’ve never been and it looks so much fun!

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