Thursdays with Tori: The Man

The month of December was stressful, to say the least. I literally counted down the days until my vacation was scheduled to start (seriously – I had a piece of paper posted at my desk and every day I wrote down how many days I had left to go). If you really want to know, December was a stressful asshole and by mid-month, I’d had quite enough. About two weeks prior to Christmas, I heard a knock at the door – it was the post man and he was holding a rather large package. What might this be, I wondered… Upon checking the label, I saw that the package had traveled all the way to Montreal from the UK. This could only mean one thing: this was Tori’s Christmas gift to me.

I briefly considered waiting until Christmas day to open it, but frankly, I was having such a shitty month that I decided this was enough justification to open the package immediately (at 8 a.m. no less). I was excited to see what was inside; I suspected it might be a piece of art, after feeling its weight and seeing Tori’s strict note to the postal people: Fragile, Handle with Care! Tori had been taunting me by telling me that the gift she had in store for me was one that she had been planning for the last two years. Dude, hurry up and open it already! Here’s what was inside:

Painting: Tori Wyatt

I was so positively THRILLED (hence the CAPs) at the sight of this painting that I started jumping up and down, laughing away to myself like a lunatic. Tori and I met via a shared love of U2, and she is quite familiar with the lustful passion that I feel toward U2’s bassist, Adam Clayton. I can think of no better Christmas gift then this painting – even if it were not of Sir Clayton (yum!), it would still be absolutely perfect. I am ever grateful to Tori for taking the time to create such a beautiful, thoughtful, personalized gift. And for coordinating the colors with my living room.

If you’d like Tori to do some work for you, head on over to her site by clicking here.


11 thoughts on “Thursdays with Tori: The Man

  1. Awesome gift. The gifts that have some thought behind them are always the best!

    Those are my colors also. Red, black and chocolate. Love it! Maybe I’ll have to get Tori to do a painting of my Bella. Or, maybe the children. I’ll have to connect with this talented frined of yours at some point.

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