The Steampunk Horse

I was checking out Trey’s latest uploads, when I came across this one. I didn’t quite know what to make of it, so initially,  I didn’t post it. This morning, I stumbled on it again and I decided to post it. How does this photo, or rather, this crazy-ass horse sculpture make you feel? Love it or hate it?

Personally, there’s something about this sculpture that bothers [read, ‘irritates’] me. I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet, but despite its intricate beauty, something about this horse disturbs me. When I look at the assorted contraptions that make up this sculpture, I think ‘violence,’ ‘industrial’ and ‘futuristic.’ I need to on it some more in order to figure out what’s bugging me about this one.

Now it’s your turn – share your thoughts before I hunt you down and use you as a coffee tumbler :-p

Photo: Trey Ratcliff


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13 thoughts on “The Steampunk Horse

  1. Ugh! It reminds me of a zombie horse! The face is half missing and the posture looks tortured and there seems to be a gun tacked onto its back pointed at its head. Gruesome….but, interesting concept and lovely detailing.

  2. At first glance I see a horse after an acid dip (ok my brain is a little out there) but I went to the site and zoomed in to get a better look. I think it’s amazing. I see the futuristic element to it. Almost like a terminator type feel. But the Trojan Horse keep come back with the army men hiding below. I could go on and on about what this means as it changes everytme I look at it. Good pic

  3. I was reading, thought what could be so disturbing about a sculpture of a horse?

    Then I saw the picture, and my first thought, HOLY SHIT! What the hell?

    But awesome, in a disturbing way. O.o’

  4. it’s…..different lol. It’s a really intricate piece, but when I saw it, I immediately thought that it looked like some sort of diseased horse (think along the lines of zombie mutant) not something I would have at home, but it is definitely a “talking piece”

  5. Looks like the horse has been spooked by something.

    I like it. Quite a lot actually. I’m having trouble seeing anything gruesome about it, but that could just be me!

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