Flight of the (RED) Tumbler – Part 2

A few weeks ago, I published a post entitled The Hunt for the (RED) Tumbler – this post was a collaborative effort between myself and Dudette out in California. Before you read Part 2, I suggest you read Part 1 – ’cause otherwise you’ll miss out on all the fun! Let’s see what Dudette’s been up to….

I’m ready for the rain today! No flats and capris this time - I'm wearing regular pants, fuzzy socks and UGGs!

You have got to be kidding me! Really, sun? NOW you want to come out after I got dressed for another storm?

Better than the 55 degrees I got on Sunday - but still, coffee rescuers work best when it’s 75 degrees or warmer.

See the man wearing the blue pants? Well, he was drop dead gorgeous. I was juuuust about to take his picture when some fool in a Jeep Cherokee threw her car into reverse and almost backed into me! I tried to take a picture of the almost-crash, but I was too busy honking with my right hand and snapping the pic of Mr. Cutie Cute with my left.
All the excitement made my Blackberry freeze. I made a candy run at a nearby grocery store while it rebooted. I didn’t want to move forward with Operation black and white (RED) tumbler until it finished.
Oooh, there’s another guy to photograph for Ann. Not cute, in shape or a doctor like Mr. Blue Pants, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


Ann’s Commercial Break: I’d like to know when I sent Jo on a man-hunt! Note to Jo: I prefer men with shaved heads – the velcro look is hot! And now back to the show


It’s time to buy shipping supplies. My mission is nearing completion.


Ann’s Commercial Break: Oh honey, your mission has only JUST begun :-p And now back to the show


This place is a dump! They need to clean this shit up and fast!

I wonder if Ann will get mad if I send her this card?

Ann’s Commercial Break: Girl, are you trying to TELL me something? You want a piece of me? 😀

The YOU-nited States Post Office. It’s a comin’ Ann, It’s a comin.’

Intermission provided courtesy of Dudette:

If I’d been allowed to use my cell phone while inside the USPS, I could’ve recorded the foolishness I encountered.  According to the USPS, international packages cannot be sealed upon arrival to the Post Office.  A USPS clerk has to inspect the contents first, then seal it.  Trying to be responsible and show that I wasn’t shipping a bomb inside of a friggin’ Starbucks tumbler, I left the box open.  Here’s how my turn at the front of the line went down:

Dudette:  I’d like to ship this package to Canada, please.

Annoying Postal Worker who barely spoke English:  Ooookaaay.  Lemme sheck.  (That would be “check” for those of you who are confused.)

After inspection…

Annoying Postal Worker who barely spoke English:  That be three dolla and twenty-nine cent.  We can no seal package with no tape.

Dudette: (Pointing) There’s tape RIGHT THERE!  I was told TWO DAYS AGO that I had to bring an open package here and now you want to charge me THREE DOLLARS AND TWENTY-NINE CENTS FOR A PIECE OF TAPE to seal it?!

Annoying Postal Worker who barely spoke English:  Yes because we can no juss gib you tape fa free.  You muss pay three dolla and twenty-nine cent.

Dudette:  So let me get this straight.  You want me to pay $3.29 for a piece of tape?

Annoying Postal Worker who barely spoke English:  Yes!

That’s when I grabbed the box and walked OUT of the United States Post Office.  Really? I can’t seal my own package at home because you must inspect the contents, but now you want to charge me $3.29 to put ONE STRIP OF TAPE across the top of the damn box to seal it? I’ll give $3.29 to my worst enemy before I buy a piece of tape with it. ONE piece of tape!!

I went back to that dump to ship the package to Ann, but I was too pissed off to take pics.  I knew the only way to calm down was to make myself laugh.  So, I decided to browse the grocery store (candy run location) to see what I could do with $3.29 besides buy one piece of tape from the United States Postal Service!

$2.49 for a batch of brownies. They could be sent as a treat for your child's class or shared in the break room with co-workers. Take ONE PIECE OF TAPE to work, leave it in the break room and see if anyone thanks you!

Do you know how many loads of whites you can keep bright with one container of Clorox? That would last a lot longer than ONE piece of tape!

$2.99 for 4 rolls of toilet paper. Try wiping with ONE piece of tape and see how well that works!

$3.00 for 2 Pringles containers have to be good for at least a week's worth of kids' lunches. Feed your kids tape and see what happens.

Malt Liquor! Nuff said.

Being a Coffee Rescuer is damn exhausting! Yet, I still had the energy to swing into the Shell parking lot when I noticed the price of gas. For $3.29 I could buy 1 gallon of regular unleaded which would move my SUV 15 miles. Next time I'm low on gas, I'm going to put a piece of tape in my gas tank and see how many miles that gives me!

And now… Let’s get ready to TUMMMMMMBLE!

Someone rang my doorbell at 8 a.m. yesterday; it was a little early for company! As it happens, I was conveniently hobbling around the condo with no pants on at that time, so I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom to put on my house coat.  Note: Mad dashes are not advisable when one is nursing an injured sacrum. Ouch!

So I opened the door and was greeted by a cheerful delivery guy holding a box. Oooh, presents! My first instinct was to check the label… Cal-i-for-n- i-a baby! This could only mean one thing – the infamous tumbler had arrived. I asked myself if I should wait until Christmas to open it but that’s still 9 days away and everyone knows how much I hate waiting!

Hmm.... whatever can it BE!? I was almost thrown off by the size of the box. It could hold a few (RED) tumblers for sure!

What lovely handwriting!

At this point, I'm pretty excited.Why the hell do my walls look peachy?

Holy shit! It's the (RED) Jonathan Adler tumbler come all the way from California y'all! OMG!Isn't she pretty?

But wait a minute…. I forgot to read the card…
Hold up! Who are these white people? Dudette is not white, no she is not. Dudette has no kids. Did she adopt and not tell me? WTF is up with Dudette man? Has she been lying to me all this time? Has she been taking pictures of random black women to throw me off track? Dudette? I thought you were African-American (look, I’m trying to be politically correct!)? I am perplexed.

Oi! This package isn’t from Dudette! I re-check the label. It still indicates that the package was shipped from California. Who else do I know in sunny CA?  As Gru would say… “Liiiiight BULB!”  The tumbler, while from California, is NOT from Dudette , but from Lindsey aka Modchick!  It looks Dudette’s tumbler is still en route from the US.  I wonder if it’s traveling by boat? Or if it’s visiting various Starbucks along the way, visiting its little tumbler friends? I wonder if the USPS fool who barely spoke English stole my tumbler!?

Stay tuned for Part 3… The Tumbler Takes Montreal! (If it ever makes it)

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23 thoughts on “Flight of the (RED) Tumbler – Part 2

  1. Now THAT was funny Ann!!!!! I’m a little confused though . . .does this mean you got TWO people to send mugs to you???? This is great news!! I’m still waiting for my black and white (red) mug to arrive!!

    • Yup! Unbeknown to me of course! But since the first one is still AWOL, that might be a good thing! Don’t forget to send me a pic of you with the mug! Then your mug & my mug can date – just like your iPad and my Mactop! LOL! 😉

      • You betcha!!! I hope it comes this week!!!! I may put it under the tree for Christmas morning, if it gets here on time, and IF I can keep myself from ripping it open out of excitement!!! 🙂

  2. OMG I had no idea.. why did I ASSume I would be the only one to hunt this thing down for you. I’m happy Jo pulled this one out too for you.

    Double the pleasure!

    xoxo from the OC

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