Let’s Talk Music

Hello friends!
It just occurred to me that I’ve never talked about music on my blog – which is rather surprising because at my core, I am all about music and lyrics. I’ve always got something playing in the background, am always on the lookout for new artists and styles, and can easily describe an emotion, moment or event in my life with a song (this usually comes in the form of U2 of course). I pride myself on my musical knowledge as well as my diversified collection – ranging from classic rock to alternative to opera to ska to punk to urban.  So let’s get started, shall we? To kick off this musical journey, I thought I’d share some of the tunes/artists that I’ve been listening to in 2010.  Here are my top 30 (keeping in mind that these were all released in 2009/10 with the exception of one or two):


2010 Playlist

Dido: Everything to Lose

Boozoo Bajou: Sign, Killer, Givin’ it Up (Dub version feat. Capitol A)

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (album)

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: Winter Song

Starfucker: Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (this is a great Cyndi Lauper remake!)

Diddy – Dirty Money: Angels (feat. Notorious B.I.G)

Matisyahu: One Day

Edward Sharpre & the Magentic Zeros: Home (this song makes me get up and dance – and sing quite loudly – check it out!)

Moby: Pale Horses (the video is awesome!)

Kaskade: Fire in Your New Shoes

Aceyalone: To the Top

LadyHawke: My Delerium (the album itself is quite good – it’s entitled LadyHawke)

Eminem: Love the Way You Lie

Dee Edwards: Why Can’t There Be Love?

Zero 7: Ghost Symbol

Massive Attack: Atlas Air, Girl I Love You (She is Danger Remix)

Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind

U2: I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (Redanka’s Kick the Darkness version – this was my absolute favorite moment of the shows!)

Josh: Nasha Pyar Da (these guys are from Montreal)

La Roux: In For the Kill

Kasabian: Club Foot

Florence & the Machine: You Got the Love (the original version is by Cardio Crew – I think I prefer their version)

Kevin Rudolf, Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne: I Made It

T.I: Got Your Back

Thom York: Hearing Damage

Big Boi & Cutty: Shutterbug

Jensen Reed: That Something (he’s not bad for a white boy – I prefer the polished version though LOL)

Mark Knight & D. Ramirez vs. Underworld: Downpipe

AC/DC: Rock N Roll Train

Tupac & Notorious B.I.G: Runnin’ (Dyin’ to Live)


So what’s on your playlist? Please share – I’m always interested in checking out new (and not so new) tunes.

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13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Music

  1. I can’t believe you know who Aceyalone is LOL! Here I thought I couldn’t like you any more. Most of my 2010 playlist is music from the past. I enjoy old school much more than new music.

  2. Three of these I recognized (La Roux – In For The Kill, Downpipe, and Empire State of Mind), and half of the rest I’d never heard but loved.

    I was surprised by your selection, but I love it!

  3. Well shit. Familiar with 90% of it, being the music fan that I am, and love it all! My faves would have to be U2 (of course), Moby, T.I., and La Roux.

    Side note #1 – Mr. T and I met Birman while in LA for the Price is Right game show taping. He offered to buy us pizza. Why? Cuz I roll like that!

    Side Note #2 – I think my life has a soundtrack, just sayin

  4. I wish I could put a list together but I don’t know 99% of the titles I listen to. Mrs T makes fun of me for that all the time. But I know my phone has everything from showtunes to punk. I think country is the only style I may not truely enjoy. I’m going to have to check out some of your list I haven’t heard then drive Mrs T crazy having her try and fit more on my already full phone.

      • Couldn’t get most of them to load on my phone but the ones I heard where great. Mrs T, get ready to hate me. I think my fav that I was able to watch was “Starfucker”. The video with it was perfect. It brought back rave memories.

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