The Hunt for the (RED) Tumbler

Last week I wrote about buying gifts that matter. One of the items on the list was a special edition ceramic tumbler designed by Jonathan Adler for Starbucks/ Product (RED). Despite my dislike for Starbucks coffee (and their customer service), I am partial to their teas and their mugs.  When I saw the tumbler, I had to have it. It’s hot! Alas, when I went to the Starbucks near my office, they didn’t have any.  I Tweeted Starbucks to ask if these were available in Canada – no response. I emailed them to ask the same question only to be sent a store locator link and a note that I should call ‘the store.’ Yes, because I want to call every Starbucks in Montreal & surrounding area… for a mug.  Very classy Starbucks!   Luckily, my friend Amy volunteered to check out the Starbucks in her area for me. She went to three Starbucks but no luck. I really want that tumbler.

Fast forward to this morning, when Dudette in California (yes, that would be  the US state), spotted the tumbler and volunteered to pick one up for me. Luckily, she chronicled her entire adventure for me, and I’m going to share Part 1 with you below.  That tumbler better be real nice in person!

Minutes from buying Ann’s tumbler at Starbucks inside Target. Sorry sir, for putting on my signal light, but not turning. I needed to take a picture of the Promised Land.

Mayhem! I wonder how many of these people are looking for Ann’s tumbler? What else would make them all come out in this nasty-ass rain? Surely they have a friend in Canada who desperately needs a Jonathan Adler tumbler, too.

You saw my blinker, bitch! There are plenty of tumblers inside - no need to cut me off!

GOOD - because if they sold Ann’s tumbler to someone else, they’re going to need security.

I hear a gospel choir singing in my head right now. Finally, I’m here. Just a few more minutes and Ann’s tumbler will be safely in my hands. I hope she can hold on just a little bit longer.

Hurry up Big Boy! I’m on a mission. I wonder if they have more apple fritters?!

Wooo hoooo! Mere seconds away from saving Ann’s coffee from a boring life inside a tired old mug! Wait a minute, shouldn’t it be red? Shit, maybe I should’ve asked for a description.

“Excuse me, would you mind putting it on the counter so I can take a picture? You see, it’s a long story, but my friend lives in Canada and evidently, they don’t have these ANNNNNYWHERE!”
Hey blondie, easy with the goods!

“Sorry, I see the long line behind me, but would you mind taking this bag back, then sliding it toward me again so that I can get a photo for my friend?”

Shit! I was so excited that I found the cure for Ann’s boring coffee that I forgot it was raining outside.

Why do I feel wet with this big-ass umbrella over my head? Aww man! You mean to tell me that flats and capri pants don’t go with the rain?

55 DEGREES OUTSIDE!? I don’t pay all these taxes in California to deal with cold weather! Ann, her coffee and her black and white (red) tumbler better appreciate this.

Here we go! 90 degrees. Now THAT is a temperature fit for a coffee mug rescuer.
Isn’t it great to have friends who contribute to your madness? Stay tuned for Part 2 – The Tumbler Comes to Canada 😀  Here’s a sneak peak at what it’s wearing on the journey over:

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18 thoughts on “The Hunt for the (RED) Tumbler

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  3. How divine . . . .my very own J.A. black and white (Red) mug is on it’s way to ME!!!! Oh Ann, thank you for posting your story, and letting me know about it!! Can’t wait for my mug, and to read the rest of your story when you get yours!!!!

  4. ANN, that was SO funny!!!!!! I was laughing hysterically as I read the story, and couldn’t wait to get to the end to actually see your mug!!! I LOVE IT . . .and now (of course), I want one too!!!! OMG – you had me pegged just right . . . . .this was MY kind of story. You know, I’m definitely NOT a Starbucks COFFEE fan, but I do love their mugs, and I love a Pumpkin Spice Latte now and then, when they are available. Hey, is that actually the mug you wanted in the first place???? I’ve never seen one like it . . .it’s AMAZING!!!!!! Someone better put me out of my #@”! misery . . . .I gotta get one NOW!!!! LOL

    • I’m glad you liked it! Part 2 will be posted once the tumbler finds its way over 😀 Yup, that’s the one I wanted – it’s a special edition tumbler for Starbucks and Product (RED) so some of the proceeds are going toward the global fund, which helps men and women in Africa who are living with AIDs. Check out my post on Shopping Where Matters! 😀

      • VERY cool Ann . . . .I’ve been to Africa twice!!! Very eye-opening experience . . .not to mention heart-opening!! I hope I can find one of those lovely mugs too!!!

      • I hope so too! They don’t have them in Montreal, so I’m not sure they’re available in Canada – maybe try someone in TO if you know someone there – then we can blog YOUR tumbler experience! LMAO!

  5. Oh Ann how I can relate to thee- lol. I am a coffee whore. I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee whatsoever. I prefer Coffee Bean myself. However, Starbucks does have great tea and the best mugs. I will gladly shank someone to get the coffee products that I need, no doubt! Great post.

    • I concur on the tea! I usually prefer herbal, but I LOVE their Chai – the loose leaf version in the silk pouches! And also, the mugs. I’m glad you can relate to my madness =-D Don’t show (10) and (12) this post – they’ll think I’m an invisible nutter in Canada 😉

  6. That story was so freaking awesome I couldn’t leave Thunderbird to read it. Then when it came time to comment, I finally put the link into Firefox to come say, “Awesome!” but instead I said all of this. Interesting turn of events, no?

  7. Lol I feel your pain in looking for that right mug. I had one for years that slowly broke piece by piece but the store I got it from closed and I’ve been hunting for the new perfect mug myself. I wish it safe travels. Everyone need a friend willing to shut another friend up at all cost. :-b lol

    • LOL, yes, Jo really went out of her way to help a sistah out. Let me know what your perfect mug looks like and I’ll keep my eyes peeled – it may be residing in Canada and we don’t even know it! And BTW, you’re up early? Got snow to shovel or something? :-p

      • Well thanks for the offer but I wouldn’t know how to describe it. The shop I worked at had them costum made for the store. Thanks though. 2:30 is the start of my day every mon-thurs. It’s slow this morning so Im passing the time reading is all.

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