Holiday Shopping: Where it Matters

Who’s done with their Christmas shopping? No one <gasp!>?!  Well, in the spirit of giving, I thought I’d share some gift ideas with you. Check these out:


Everyone knows I’m obsessed with bath and body products (you should see my B&BW collection – I could start my own spa), but when it comes to hair, there’s only one brand that I use: Aveda. Why? Well, Aveda manufactures botanically-based hair care, skin care and makeup products; this means that all of their products are plant-based. One of the things that I really like about this company, is that they are extremely Eco-friendly – from using 100% certified wind power to manufacture their products to responsible packaging. Check out their mission statement here. In addition to this, their holiday gift packaging is typically handmade by artisans in places like the Himalayas or Nepal so that means that these communities earn a small income thanks to Aveda. Go shop now! (They’ve got products for men too!).



With every dollar you spend, you are helping to save a child’s life. I like to buy my Christmas cards at Unicef because I know I’m supporting a good cause. But did you know that they also have some awesome gifts? Last year, I bought my close friends friendship bracelets, made with Peruvian ceramic beads. Everyone loved the bracelets and my purchases supported a wonderful cause. Check out their gift ideas here. You can purchase online, but also note that most shopping malls in Canada (not sure about the US?) set up kiosks during the holiday season. They usually stock everything that you see online.


Ten Thousand Villages:

I love this place! Their mission is to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries by bringing their products to our markets via long-term fair trading relationships. They work with 35 countries and 130 artisan groups, offering them fair value for their work. Did you also know that store clerks in your local shops typically don’t get paid for their services? You can find some unique gift ideas ranging from jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings etc. Stop in at your local shop or buy online here.



Personally, I hate their regular coffee and usually opt for a cold beverage, but Starbucks is a great place to shop for your favorite coffee-lover. They are focused on community partnerships, the environment and ethical sourcing. Starbucks supports Product (RED) – so when you buy a Starbucks (RED) product or pay with your Starbucks (RED) coffee card, a contribution is made to the Global Fund, helping African men and women who are living with HIV/AIDs. Check out this year’s signature (RED) tumbler and coffee card, designed by Jonathan Adler – I love it!


What are your favorite gift-giving ideas, and how do YOU make a difference?

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping: Where it Matters

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  2. Love your post and think you mentioned some great ideas. I stopped drinking Starbucks a while back but they have great gift items that I have bought. I will have to try Aveda. Haven’t tried it yes but I love your description so I will give it a shot. We love B&BW too. My mother in law usually makes a trip there every year and we all get goodies!

    Definitely open the spa, with your disgust for the public and my bad attitude we would make a great team! -Off to make a business plan. 🙂

    • I love their mugs and tumblers, but their coffee is just horrible. I like one of their specialty coffees once in a while, and love their Giant Peach bev! Definitely try Aveda – it’s more expensive but you use so little of it that it lasts a long time. As for the spa – I am in. You run the spa, and I’ll teach the yoga classes in our private studio!

  3. Last year, instead of buying little token gifts for some friends, I bought a turkey christmas dinner for a couple of needy families through my church and donated it on their behalf. I think I may do it again this year. Because really, who needs another trinkity token gift when for $15 you can give a needy family a Christmas dinner?!?!

  4. Great ideas!

    I’ve been trying to do less gift-giving and more gift-making or just generally making an effort to spend time with people. I’m trying to wean myself from the buy-buy-buy of Christmas and bring it back to what it should be: family, happiness, and sharing what I’ve got.

    This year, for example, I’m making big cookie platters for work and for the daycare. two years ago, I gave a lot of people mason jars with cookie mix in them. It took ages to do, and didn’t cost any less than if I’d bought gifts, but they knew the thought was there and I like to think they appreciated it more.

    This plan all goes to pot though, when it comes to getting gifts for kids. I think I may have gone a little overboard.

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