What time is it Harry Potter?

Good morning muggles…. It’s Potter time!

A few years ago, I had absolutely no interest in reading stories about a skinny wizard named Harry Potter.  I was even less interested in hearing about his clumsy BFF Ron,  his overly uptight pal Hermione or his fat, temperamental owl Hedwig (what kind of name is that anyway?) . I mean come on… Wizards? Dragons? Talking house elves?  Old men who live on for hundreds of years? So, when the HP craze began, I resisted an entire year before begrudgingly reading The Philosopher Stone. Why did I finally succumb to the inexplicable madness that is Potter? Because my sistah nagged me to read the book every other day, for at least a year, until one day, fed up, I broke down and bought a copy of The Philosopher Stone.  Despite my belief that such books were ‘crap’ and were not up to my usual standards, I had to see what all the damn fuss was about. And thus began my like affair with Harry Potter and his merry band of wizards and exotic creatures. (Yes, I said ‘like affair’ to illustrate that I am not one of those obsessive HP freaks).

While I am rather critical of books turned into movies, I have few complaints about the films. They’ve mostly stuck to the story lines, and the VFX have been fantastic. I am very much looking forward to seeing Part 1 of the final book/movie.

So, who’s going to see The Deathly Hallows this weekend?


14 thoughts on “What time is it Harry Potter?

  1. Watched it! It drags a bit initially. Maybe ‘coz they’re breaking it into 2 parts, they dragged out Harry, Ron & Hermione’s search for the horcruxes. The hubby was B-O-R-E-D ’cause he didn’t succumb and read the books. 😉 It picked up pace later, though. The second part should be kick-ass!

    • Really? I really loved it! I agree that it was a bit slower in some parts, but overall, no complaints! I’m re-reading the book now 🙂 Part 2 will kill it I’m sure! Um no pun intended LOL!

  2. Hubby is out of town, otherwise our whole gang would have been midnight viewers. Due to insane scheduling conflicts we may have to wait a week to see it now!!!

    I don’t even understand only liking Harry Potter. I think we should all go to the theater in costume and only eat Bertie Bott Beans or chocolate frogs during the movie!

  3. Are you going this weekend?

    I want to see.

    Yet again…another movie that will have to wait until I can watch it at home.

    Geez – I *REALLY* need to break down and get a babysitter.

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