Off the Top of My Head: Entitlement Complex

Does anyone else get the feeling that every 2nd person that we encounter has an entitlement complex? As in, “I’m entitled to X, Y or Z because I just AM”? I’ve been feeling more and more disgusted with this society that we’re living in lately because it seems that everywhere I go, I encounter someone with an attitude. I don’t get it. If you, dear reader, suffer from entitlement disorder, I want to know about it. Speak up and enlighten the rest us – tell us why you think you’re entitled to receiving the whole world on a gold fucking platter while the rest of us should just step aside. I genuinely want to know.

By a stroke of good fortune, my parents have temporarily inherited a treadmill for the winter thanks to the generosity of their neighbors. This means that my mom needs a decent pair of runners – so we hit up Nike this afternoon. We were in there for quite a while because mom is pretty picky when it comes to shoes. She’s got fussy feet – what can you do? While the clerk was assisting her, I sat down on a bench. You know – the ones you find at the end of shoe aisles, where you can sit and try on shoes?  I was perched on the edge of said bench when this bitch came up to me and rudely asked me if I was trying on shoes. I looked up at her and said no. This is when she ordered me to move. Ah bien Tabarnac (for you Anglos out there, that’s French cursing)! First I informed her that there was no need to be so damn rude. As I stood up, the clerk looked at me and rolled his eyes, and my mother asked what was wrong. I informed her that the bitch had an entitlement complex (and no, I didn’t lower my voice). This is when my mother looked over and asked the bitch what her problem was, informing her that there was room on the bench for two people. Bitch didn’t say one more word, though she seemed agitated by the fact that PJ, our sales clerk, refused to give her the time of day. Personally, I got an enormous sense of satisfaction out of this, because I knew full well that he hadn’t appreciated her attitude and was ignoring her on purpose. Hope you’re happy with your bench bitch – ’cause it looks like you ain’t entitled to new shoes when you’re an ass!

While PJ was extremely helpful, mom didn’t find a pair of shoes that were comfortable enough so we decide to go to Reebok. On our way there, I noticed a big-ass SUV parked with two of its wheels on the sidewalk. Now, I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but in Montreal, if any part of your car is perched on a sidewalk, you get a ticket. I mean, I could understand it if say, the back wheel was slightly elevated on the sidewalk, but BOTH passenger-side wheels? Entitlement complex! Anyway, we went to Reebok, attended to our business and headed back out. As we were walking toward the entitlement mobile, my mom elbows me. I look up to see the bitch standing next to the truck. The door was wide open into oncoming traffic. That explained everything.

This is only one example of the entitled assholes I encounter every other day. Do you know someone with an entitlement complex? Share your story with the rest of us. Come on – do it! I am entitled to hear your stories!

And to all of you suffering from ED (Entitlement Disorder), this is for you:



12 thoughts on “Off the Top of My Head: Entitlement Complex

  1. LMAO! Entitlement complex, yes, I have witnessed it many of times. Living where I do, you come across this shit from people around the globe. Oh No, my friend, This is not an isolated disease that just affects our continent. It’s become an EPIDEMIC!

    The 2o something who blocks traffic to unload her 20 piece hot pink luggage set whose “bling” blinds half of the strip. The jack ass in front of the bank whose “entitled” to block all traffic to balance his check book before anyone else in the parking lot is free to finish their day. I’m over it! 😉

  2. I would love to answer that question – perhaps one of my readers suffers from ED and can educate us? All I can say, is that growing up, I don’t recall this attitude – but now it seems prevalent in our society. In my opinion, that’s part of the reason why there’s so much fighting on various levels. Everyone thinks they are ‘owed’ something.

    • I truly think a lot of it comes from how parents have raised their children. People are constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses nowadays. They want their kid to have it all instead of teaching them that sometimes you can’t have everything your heart desires. It does the exact opposite of teaching a child that their are boundaries! Then they grow up to be self entitled brats. I’m telling you, a lot of problems in our society go back to parenting. I strongly believe that.

    • I’m with jonette, it all comes down to the parents. Generation Y is the epitome of this syndrome. Their parents caved in and gave them everything, molded them to think that everyone else should give them everything and they did! Schools followed suit too because of parental pressure which was caused by their brats’ pressure.

      Even universities have succombed to this group. I remember sitting in a class that a friend was giving. I was shocked at all the stuff the teachers do for them and the abuse they put up with. Back in my day, which wasn’t that long ago, we would have been kicked out of class. The university teachers put up with it because they don’t want poor ratings. Very sad!

      • I agree with every comment you’ve made. Parents try to compensate for their lack of presence in their kids’ lives by giving them material crap. That’s all well and good but at the end of the day, they’re not raising their kids. I’m not interested in having kids, and one of the reasons has to do with the fact that no matter how I raise them to be good kids, they will learn their shitty, disrespectful behavior at school. Thanks for commenting!

      • Exactly, Sabrina! I even see some friends allowing their kids to behave this way. The parents bending over backwards in order to make their kids like them instead of being parents does nothing but reinforce their behavior. Soon we’ll have a country full of spoiled brats that don’t know the meaning of hard work.

      • @Ann I think that kids will definitely see examples of bad behavior at school, but I know parents can make that irrelevant. I learned quite a few things throughout my school days, including college, but my parents always kept me in check. If parents actually parent and stop trying to be MILFs and crazy stuff like that, they’d be fine.

  3. LOL @ “entitlement mobile”! Hilarious. I know exactly what you mean. I encounter these people at least weekly and also know a few personally. I actually know a girl who believes she’s entitled to marry an NFL player because her brother played in the NFL LMAO! Sign of the times I tell ya.

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