That’s pretty much how my mind feels in relation to my body right now. As you know, I’ve been begrudgingly dealing with various injuries for the last two months. As a result, this has put a dent in my workout regime – less yoga, less gym, and a whole lot of grump. Despite my best efforts, there still exists a disconnect between my mind and my body. What does this mean? It means that my motivation has gone straight out the window. While my mind is desperate for a full-on yoga session, my body’s response to that has been ‘fuck off!’ for the last two weeks. Similarly, my brain is intent on getting me to the gym because it knows I’ll feel better after a good work-out session, yet my body continues to curse at me in both French and English. The nerve! I find it interesting that while it is  my mind that speaks – the logical side of me, it is my body that I’ve been listening to. Well, screw you body! Have I got news for YOU!

I’ve been working on my Zenitude for quite some time now and have made some pretty amazing progress over the last two years. So it occurred to me that perhaps my current blockage is a test of sorts. If so, I can assure you that I’m failing – but not for long. I’ve given my body until tomorrow to get its shit together. Injury or no injury, Saturday it’s back to business. That said, I think Stomping Tom has been contributing to my inability to practice yoga, so I guess I’ll need to think about finding a studio, or moving. I like option #2.

So this brings me to the purpose of this post. Because of my knee injury, I’ve been limited to what I can do and with how much intensity I can do it. I discovered that going for a 2.5 hour long power walk last Saturday was perhaps not the wisest decision. Truth be told, when I set out for my walk, it was with the intention of shortening it from my usual 1-hour trek. But… I had my camera… it was a beautiful day… and I just kept on going. The result? I limped the whole way back. Lesson learned. This week, I played it smart and only went out for 45-minutes at a time, but shortening my walk meant switching up my route. This is how I came upon the raccoon guy.

My new route took me down by the water where there’s a home for senior citizens. To my dismay, I realized that this place has no balconies. I can’t imagine how the residents must feel – almost always stuck indoors without the possibility of enjoying fresh air on a sunny day. I continued my walk when something stopped me. To my right sat an old man wearing a coat and hat. Looking at him, I’d say he was in his 80s. It was a cold day but regardless, he sat bundled up in a plastic chair on a small balcony. He was alone except for his furry companion – Rocky Raccoon. The man was hunched over in his chair, paying very close attention to what I can only describe as his pet. Rocky Raccoon was perched next to him, eating out of a dog bowl with no fear or aggression whatsoever. It was obvious to me that they shared a something. It was obvious that this moment was the highlight of this man’s day. Even from a distance, I could feel his calm demeanor, and his joy.

I suddenly felt grateful – grateful that despite a knee injury, I still have the use of both my legs, while this man is likely confined to his balcony, with his only pleasure being Rocky’s occasional visit. I appreciate these moments – when the realization that I am truly blessed, sets in.

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3 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. I have been through a similar experience recently. My new route happened to be in my health and it led me to see the importance and beauty of things I was previously overlooking. It also showed me that I needed to be thankful for things I had always taken for granted. Different circumstances but with similar outcomes. I understand your feeling completely.

  2. Oh, by no means did I mean to imply that he was not blessed. What I was trying to say was that he seemed to be enjoying the very simple things – Rocky being one of those things. And in relation to him, I felt grateful that I can move around freely while he perhaps, cannot. For me, being unable to do this would be horrible! (Me? Sit still?!)


  3. That’s poopie that your knee is injured my dear. Sorry to hear that. On another note, it found it interesting at the end of your story that you had a realization of your blessedness because of your perception of the raccoon man’s life . . .that he’s “likely confined to his balcony, with his only pleasure being Rocky’s occasional visit.” Perhaps the raccoon man lives a life of richer blessing??? Just a thought.

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