Things That Perplex

People who are up on their roofs before 7 a.m. It’s dark out, and there’s likely a layer of frost on the roof that can cause you to slip and fall off. So…. got a death wish or something?

People who allow their dogs to bark non-stop, also at 7 a.m. Just because you’re up, does not mean that your neighbors need to be. Can’t you be a responsible dog owner and bring him/ her inside the house? You can use them as human alarm clocks to wake up your own family. Bet you this person also lets their dog shit on their neighbor’s lawn. I wouldn’t be surprised if their dog went missing one day.

People who keep industrial-sized dumpsters on their front lawn. It’s one thing if you’re renovating or doing construction around the house, but using a dumpster as a lawn ornament is just plain weird.

Fringe purses. First of all, what kind of look are we going for with this thing? it looks like a leather mop. Secondly, I could swear this went out in the 80s. Lastly, this look should be reserved for teenage girls and girls in their twenties, not 60+ women. But maybe that’s just me.

People who bellow ‘YES!’ when the train arrives and the door lands right in front of them. OK…. I didn’t realize there was a train lottery… If that’s all it takes to get this guy off, he must lead a pretty dull existence.

Dudes who wear those really wide baseball caps perched atop their heads – with the stickers and price tags still attached. What are you trying to tell me here? That you’re stupid for spending $50 on a cap you won’t be wearing next year?

Why do Arabic men have to speak so loudly? Do they all suffer from auditory defects or something? At least get me a translator so that I understand what they’re saying, becuase if they’re talking that loudly I can only assume they want the world to know what they’re talkin about!

People who drink 35% cream right out of the carton. I have no smartass comment for this – that’s just gross!

Couples who simply cannot separate when someone is walking toward them. Look – there’s only so much room in a doorway – are you going to drop dead if you let go of your partner’s hand for 10 seconds? I think not!

Who invented the sense of entitlement epidemic and how can I get rid of it?

People who email me at 2 a.m. my time, and expect an immediate response. Are you kidding?

This concludes today’s musings. If you know the answer to any of the above questions, or if you’ve got perplexions of your own to add, feel free to educate me via the Comments form below!

Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Things That Perplex

  1. It’s not just couples. It’s groups of people especially girls. They act like they can’t adjust so I can walk by. If I’m adjusting why can’t they?

    I don’t understand people who don’t know how to live in an apartment. It’s 700 sq ft. why are you blasting your stereo? Why do you let your kids run around? Get the bottom apartment!

    found you through blog frog!

  2. LMAO. Okay so I’ve witnessed the death wish thing myself. I think that there are some people in this world who only feel like they have accomplished something if they have done it before the sun has come up. I’ve realized that the barking dogs are let out at 7am because their owners were sick of listening to it, put in some damn earplugs, and sent them out to piss off the world (misery does love company). 😉

    For me, I am perplexed at the need of some people to repeatedly call my cell phone over and over again. Especially when I have informed them I had doctors appointments or other obligations and would be unavailable. If I don’t answer the first three times, I’m BUSY! I’m never left a message and when I’m finally free to call back I get “So what’s up?” or “You busy?” or “Just wanted to say hi”.

    • My father likes to go up ladders in the middle of winter to clear the snow off the roof, much to my mother’s dismay. I don’t get it. This is also perplexing! I resolved my phone issues by unplugging the land line and answering machine so telemarketers would back the F off 🙂 You can do that with your friends too LOL!

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