Off the Top of My Head: In Search of Pants

Hello blogosphere! Today’s thoughts are brought to you courtesy of my pantaloons. Have you seen them?

I won’t leave you in suspense any longer – I’ve lost my pants. When? No idea. Where? Beats me! How? Honestly, if I knew that I wouldn’t be looking for my pants. I can hear my mom laughing to herself as she reads this – she’s thinking that I’m the only person she knows that can lose a pair of pants. She’s probably right. I’ve searched high and low – the closets, the two gym bags, the dryer, the back of the dryer, the bathroom – no luck. So, if you see a black pair of Lululemon Grooves walking about – send them over my way ’cause they’re missing an arse!

I was on an escalator today, behind a dude with no fashion sense. This fellow was balding and his hairstyle was a hybrid mullet/greasy Gino do. He had slick little curls tied back with a rubber band and the back of his head looked gross, yet I could not turn away. Then I heard a voice inside my head: “Dude, that look died in the 80s for a reason! Cut off his rat tail! Cut it off!” But I kept those thoughts to myself. That is, until I noticed his track suit. Then I just started laughing. It was all I could not to alert the fashion police.

I was standing on the train platform this morning when I was startled by a flock of birds that suddenly appeared above me. I always love the sight of birds flying over me (as long as they’re not crapping on me), but I can never quite express how this makes me feel. Happy – free – alive? How does it make you feel?

Yoga rocks! Fuck the leg injury and say HELLO to the SUN! Be sure to face East people – and remember, breath is life.I think I’m going to start incorporating my Bedouin call into my yoga practice. I suppose it’s a good thing I mostly practice at home. I can’t imagine that other yoginis will appreciate the BC as much as I do 😀




6 thoughts on “Off the Top of My Head: In Search of Pants

  1. The only thing I do when I see birds fly over me is move a bit incase they crap on me, which has happened at work! Because when I sit in that little info booth in the middle there is a tree, and in that tree is a bird, that likes to crap on me every now and people tell me it’s good luck 🙂

    I hope you find your pants:) I once lost my favorite t shirt I looked everywhere for it for weeks, until I found it in a drawer that I don’t put t shirts in.

    Have a good one!

  2. Caught the title and had to take time to find out where the hell you were when you lost your pants. That’s awesome. I have been behind some crazy people in my time and have even shared an elevator with a few. The best was when I went to a 24 store at about 1am when I had gotten off of work. I saw a woman coming toward me from a distance. What I realized once she got closer was that HE had chest hair popping out through his halter top and was wearing a mini skirt and heels even though he hasn’t shaved his legs. The bright red lipstick paired with a 5 o’clock shadow didn’t help his case much, but the mullet is what did him in! I couldn’t hold it together and wasn’t even about to try. 😉

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