Halloween is a Comin’

With Halloween coming up, I thought I’d post a few interesting pics I came across.

Hmmm this guy looks familiar. Wonder if I know him? I’d have to see him with his clothes on:


This guy must really like boobs or want some of his own:


I have to wonder how difficult it was getting this paint off…

Photo: Ann Dabney


I have to wonder who came up with this idea:


I really just don’t get it. I wonder if this is his/her everyday look?


OK, I don’t know is he’s supposed to be Tigger or Spiderman:


And last but but not least:

Got costume pics to share? Leave your links in the Comments section!



5 thoughts on “Halloween is a Comin’

  1. Hahahahaha…they’re really funny! The guy with the leaf…yeah right!! And the guy dressed up as a box of Tampax – WTF!! Who’d have thought about going as that!! No points for guessing what the girl has come as!! YUK!
    Wonder Woman is my fave!!

    Good post!

  2. LOL – I can’t wait to show these to nubby. Though he may end up wanting to do the mammogram costume. DOH! One of the very funniest YouTube videos is the one of the guy doing a commercial for a costume shop and every costume is “sexy” – even sexy Abe Lincoln and sexy ketchup, etc. It’s hilarious! Visiting from SITS blogfrog!

    • Thanks for stopping in Charlene! Of course when I was looking for really funny pics, I couldn’t find them. For some reason those get sent to me in like, February when Halloween’s over 😉

  3. Love the costumes! The Adam and Eve costumes are great. I have known a few people that said they were going to attempt it but never did. The mammogram one is my fave. Essentially, the man is going as honesty. Love it! great post.

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