Breathe Deeply…

This week, I’ve allowed people and situations to aggravate me more then I should (mostly because I seem to be encountering a lot of assholes) – and for what, exactly? Yesterday I sat on my living room floor trying to empty my mind when my eyes fell upon these:

I don’t use my blocks during yoga anymore but I keep them in my living room so that I have a constant reminder to BREATHE; to take a deep breath whenever I’m feeling angry, stressed out, unhappy, sad or unhinged. After all, there’s no point in focusing your energy on anger or things that can’t be changed. Rather, one must focus on the positives and the things that CAN be changed.

How do you channel your negative energy? What reminds you to chill out and take a breath?


7 thoughts on “Breathe Deeply…

  1. When I used to smoke, I used to reach for the stick every time I was angry. Now that I’ve quit, I listen to music, or try to take my mind off the situation by reading. If I’m too angry, though, I might go for a drive or a walk. When I’m sad and in need of a pick-me-up – it’s either retail therapy or chocolates!

  2. When I am angry I clean. When I am anxious, stressed or frustrated I do a combination of things depending on what the causes are. I will take a nice long,hot bath until I completely prune out. I will listen to my stressed out playlist because music always seems to help or I will sit out front in the evening with my vodka and cranberry and watch the trees blow. If all else fails, taking the kids to the ball park so I can beat the shit out of some baseballs usually helps. Oh yes, and I sometimes (always) need to be reminded to breathe. πŸ˜‰

    • I clean when I need to think – for some reason, cleaning helps me do that! I also do yoga – that’s probably my main way to de-stress and chill out. Sometimes I want to hit things but I have self-control so just curse in French πŸ˜‰

  3. I drink!! LOL! Just kidding…

    I have certain behaviors for certain situations. When I’m angry, I drink (well, I have A drink, maybe two). When I’m stressed out or anxious, I clean. My house was spotless a couple months ago. When I’m sad, I shop!!

  4. I like to think of situation i have been through in the past that were worse than the current issue. It helps me to bring it back into perspective. Also, like you to breathe!

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