Off the Top of My Head (Random Musings)

The other night I was watching Make It or Break It on Much Music (no, this is not what I normally watch). One of the characters had suffered a severe back injury and was told she would never do gymnastics again (this was her dream). This got me thinking: what would you do if you were told that you would never do what you loved the most? Would you give up your dream or would you fight as hard as you could to keep it?

Who writes a book called ‘Swimsuit?’ James Patterson, that’s who. I  wonder if the book is strictly about swimsuits or if he talks about bathing caps as well. A book with a title like that doesn’t exactly inspire me to read it.

One of my train stalkers was wearing a beret this morning and it was huge. At first I thought he was wearing some kind of pirate hat, but not so! I don’t think he knows about beret etiquette – I’d say the most important rule when wearing a beret is to make sure it isn’t twice the size of your head. He might try using it as an umbrella instead.

Pretending that you don’t see me doesn’t change the fact that I’m still walking toward you, so please look up and move over! You might actually see where you’re going if you weren’t obsessively staring at the ground or texting.

When someone keeps me on hold for a long time, I sometimes forget who I’m calling and why I’m calling to begin with. Is this an early warning that I might be developing Alzheimer’s? Man I hope not!

Why do people spend so much time trying to avoid making eye contact with one another? It’s as though looking a person in the eye has become taboo or something. I think we’ve grown so accustomed to interacting with people via the internet, that we’ve lost some of our social skills. What do you think?

I don’t have a big ego, however I often catch people staring at me and I don’t know if it’s because I look exceptionally good, or exceptionally bad. Thoughts? Personally, I think they’re mesmerized by my eyeballs .

The guy next to me on the train tonight had really long nose hair. Don’t they make clippers to take care of that situation?

I love The B-52s’ first album because it’s totally brilliant. But I have to wonder what they were smoking when they wrote Rock Lobster and Planet Claire. Did you know that Planet Claire has pink air and all the trees are red? AND no one ever dies there because no one has a head? Cool!

This concludes my random musings for today. Now, share some of your random thoughts or observations, will ya? I’m all eyes!


6 thoughts on “Off the Top of My Head (Random Musings)

  1. Holy Crap that’s awesome! I love the beret guy. You should offer him an umbrella and see what his response is. That would be Hilarious! I hate sitting on hold, unless there is good music to be entertained by. I usually hang up after just a minute and figure that if they really want to talk to me THAT bad they will call me back. Sorry for your loss (of your memory), I’m still grieving the loss of mine 😉 !

    We have definitely lost some interpersonal communication skills. I think technology has some part in it but not all. We need to pull our heads out of our asses and grow come confidence. I have no problem looking people in the eye but I’ve noticed that when people lack confidence or self esteem it becomes an issue.

    I get stares as well. Is it my eyeballs? Could be! Could also be the fact that I speak my mind regularly and it tends to shock people (especially at baseball practice)? Could be. I have told people to take a picture because it lasts longer and I’m also not afraid to ask people what their deal is. LOL

    I think people should only text while strapped tightly into a chair. Walking, talking, eating, sex and driving don’t seem to mesh well with texting. 😉

    I love the B52’s and in fact, when I need to smile Rock Lobster never fails. Whatever they were smoking doesn’t matter to me but it sure explains a lot!

    GREAT post.

    • I can’t tell if it’s your eyeballs because I can’t see them like you see mine when you look at my header :-p I usually get random compliments on my eyeballs, which is why I think the stares are related. But who knows! I also speak my mind and like to ask people if I can help them when they stare 😀 LMAO! I agree – strap them down then allow them to text 😀

  2. Whole lotta random….and I like it! :> I think that if you are James Patterson, you can probably name a book whatever the heck you like since you’ve got a big enough & loyal enough following. Me? I’m waiting for the next James Rollins book to come out…it was supposed to be at the end of this summer, now the wait is in to 2011!! Weeping here. Oh well, in the mean time, I’ll read my more girly stuff. Just picked up, Eat, Pray, Love! :>

    I do the same thing when I’m on hold for awhile, especially if I’ve made several calls in a row that put me on hold. And you know who puts me on hold?! Companies that I’m trying to give money to!!! (aka pay a bill) Seriously, isn’t that a bit ridiculous?! I’m trying to give them money & I’m on hold forever. Sigh.

    So, here’s my bit o’ random: Just got back from a little country drive with my wee girl through the vineyards. Its harvest time & its fun to watch the action, see which vines have had their fruit pulled & which are full of beautiful bunches of grapes (around here, for wine…which I don’t drink, isn’t it ironic?! lol), the leaves beginning to turn reds & golds, AND a jackrabbit racing across my path to get to the other side of the small country road! :> Made me smile!!

    Hope today has you smiling too! :>

    • LOL, this segment is an excuse for when I’m not feeling super inspired about one specific thing 🙂 Eat, Pray, Love is a great book! You’ll have to come back and tell me what you think! Sounds to me like your country drive has plenty of photo opps – I hope you took some pics 🙂

  3. Wow, that was random! 🙂 My random musing run along the lines of why my kids get up out of bed in the morning, yet don’t get dressed and sit there until I tell them to move despite them being able to tell the time, being 10 and all. Then when they’ve done what I tell them, they sit back down until I tell them to do the next thing. Do they not have brains?

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