The Boobie Cupcakes

OK people, time to get your minds out of the gutter!

When I posted my photos of the Run for the Cure, I completely forgot to include these (I think they’re worth seeing). We had a mini cupcake sale to raise funds for breast cancer awareness last week, and boy were these GOOD!

Mmm mini cupdakes!

Mini cupcake family

For those of you who are lucky enough to be located in Montreal, check out at Les Glaceurs in the Old Port for a fabulous array of cupcakes that will scintillate your senses and delight your taste buds. If you do stop in, please report back because I’ll need the down-lo on the flavors that you tried out. Les Glaceurs are located at 453 rue Saint-Sulpice in Old Montreal, and are a few steps away from the Place D’Armes subway stop. You can walk in off the street for a tasty treat, or you can order them for special occasions!



6 thoughts on “The Boobie Cupcakes

  1. You used scintillate in a sentence.
    This is why you’re my friend.


    I think I will need cupcake therapy in the very near future. Put that on top of the frozen yoghurt therapy and the chocolate therapy and I think I will lose the battle to find my waistline again.

  2. OOohh, mmmm. Wish I was closer to Montreal 🙂 Although, I must say, the Peanut and I are masters of the cupcake art, and she is Queen cupcake decorator of our country 🙂

    • If you and the peanut take a trip out one of these days, I will happily be your tour guide and this will be first on the list! But then I’ve got two other hot spots…. so you better get your sweet teeth read 😀

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