Top 10s and What-Nots


Who turned off my Zen? I’m feeling frazzled at my wavering Zenitude and realize that my inability to practice yoga or do any other fitness activity in the last week has made me totally grumptastic. I suppose it’s to be expected – I’m accustomed to stepping onto my mat every other day and hitting the gym or power walking whenever the urge strikes me. This is how I release stress, not to mention that the more active I am, the more inspired I feel to write. Being unable to do these things has left me feeling rather poopy (are you cringing CB?) – even though I know I need to ‘nurse’ my injuries before getting back to the fitness grind. My poopiness is also compounded by the fact that I feel guilty for not working out.  This is definitely a chick thing. Men never feel guilty about not working out.  I feel like I’ve already complained about this in a previous post… Have I? Oh great – now old age is starting to affect me as well. In any case, now I’m sick. Guess the fitness gods are still conspiring against me.

Right, so rather then complain about sore knees and arms and other assorted body parts, I’ve decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite things to do (for cheap)!

1- Power walking; You can do this on your own, or with a group of friends. One of my favorite places to power walk is on Mount Royal because it’s beautiful and challenging. You may need to drop a few coins into a meter if you drive there, but that will cost you $3-4 at most.

2- Doing a fitness class at one of the four Lululemon locations in Montreal. The best part? These classes are free! You can join one of their run clinics, or pop in for a yoga, Zumba or cross-fit class. Check out your local store’s calendar for details – the class schedules change on a regular basis and vary from store-to-store. This is a great way to get initiated to various forms of fitness. Note that Lululemon has locations in the US, Canada, Australia and China!

3- Practicing yoga at home; If you’re not already practicing, you will need to invest in a yoga mat (you can find these at Winners for about $20-25). I really like Lululemon’s Align Ultra Mat because it has embossed guide lines that help maintain proper alignment. This mat retails for $28 CDN. You might also want to invest in a good yoga DVD if you are new to this and unfamiliar with poses and flows. My personal favorites are led by Rodney Yee or Baron Baptiste. Check them out! Their DVDs are also available at Indigo and Amazon, and in some cases, Winners.

4- Relaxing at home, while listening to good tunes and reading a book. The bottle of wine might run you a few bucks, but is highly recommended 🙂 I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I am particularly fond of Fleur du Cap (South African) and Beringer (Californian).

5- Writing; Obviously, I’ve chosen to blog, but you can keep a journal, or write to your friends… or write a book – that’s next on my list of things to do (after this blog has made me famous of course). You can create a free blog using Blogger or WordPress, though I personally prefer WordPress because it’s more user-friendly.

6- People watching; I love to see how people interact with each other, and my favorite place to do this is on the Plateau. I love to  walk around the neighborhood and see what people are up to; there are a host of coffee houses and shops to check out, and interesting people all around! I would suggest taking the subway, and getting off at the Mont Royal stop because parking is scarce.

7- Photography; If I remembered to bring my camera with me every time I left the house, I would have a lot more photos for the blog! In any case, all you need is a camera and you’re all set. You just never know when you’ll come face-to-face with Adam Clayton (sadly, I do know, and I missed that opportunity – but that is a whole other story). All I’ll say is never judge a man by his blue suede shoes!

8- Sitting on my balcony; I love to enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on my balcony, especially first thing in the morning. Nothing beats the sound of the wind and trees and birds chirping away. The pervert next door pretty much ruined that for me this summer, and it looks like I won’t be enjoying any cool evenings on the balcony either because he’s still perving around. Must find a new #8.

9- Moksha; OK, technically this is not free, but in the grand scheme of things, the $14 I spend per class is nothing in comparison with how amazing I feel afterward. I love Moksha!

10- Running for the Cure; This might not actually count because a) it’s not something I can do on a regularly basis, and b) I paid the registration fee in order to participate in this year’s run. In my defense, I could have waived the registration fee by committing to raising $150, but little did I know that I would end up raising more then this thanks to a few good friends (and my aunt).

The run is coming up in just a few days, and I’m very excited! I’m hoping that our Indian Summer will decide to present itself just in time for the run – will I luck out? We shall see… if you haven’t sponsored me yet and would like to, please check out my Twitter page for the link. All donations help regardless of the amount, and you can sponsor me even if you reside outside of Canada.

What are some of your favorite things to do? And more importantly, are any of you running for the cure this year?

Think Pink!


8 thoughts on “Top 10s and What-Nots

  1. Am I cringing? Yes, yes I am!! I’m surprised you didn’t include saying that word just to gross me out as one of your favourite things to do for free. After all, you seem to do it with a pretty regular frequency and dammit if I’m not the one that pays the price by getting the heeby-jeebies …. Shudder 🙂

    As for top tens… Here are mine:

    1) Losing myself at my turntables: free, though the expense to buy the various bit and bobs I have was circa CD$5000.

    This is my passion. Life without music is a life corrupted by silence.

    2) Sleep. I love to sleep. I am known to become giddy with excitement when climbing into bed early. When I say early I mean about 8:30. Sleep is awesome.

    3) Shopping. This is clearly not free. I don’t care. I’m a woman with a mission dammit, and that mission involves shoes.

    4) Teaching you, yes you… The merits of decent wine. While I’ve technically yet to indulge in this pursuit, we will talk! Beringer? Really?

    5) A good read. And it has been so long since I have found a book that can consume me. I need my books big, complex and masterful. I need a drama so exorbitant in imagination that the reader risks self combustion. My own life is so far from normal, I need escape on a grander scale. To my shame, and eternal pleasure, I did read the quad of Twilight novels from cover to cover. I felt like a guilty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Or rather, biscuit tin. I need to remember where I am.

    More later….. My morning commute to corporate conscription is nearly over. And I need to check my makeup. I’m about as artful with eyeliner as a dog is with finger paints….

  2. No new 8!! I love my early morning coffee time- betta start praying for a new neighbor !! Must admit I’m feeling poopy too ( smiled cause I haven’t seen any1 else actually write poopy!!) hugs

  3. Writing is great, I’ve chose to blog also – obviously! Photography is great. I haven’t been able to do it in a while though and need to. I miss sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee because I no longer have a balcony. I use to love it though and have recently started sitting outside watching people go by and walking their dogs. Gotta love sex and cooking, so I have to agree with Serene. great post.

      • Oh, no, there are others:

        3. Writing
        4. Reading
        5. Taking walks with my sweeties
        6. Singing
        7. My new blog project, which is like a new love affair. I think about it all the time!
        8. Knitting
        9. Learning piano
        10. Getting my house clean

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