Adventures in the Loo

I fail to comprehend the logic behind using your cell phone while in the bathroom. No really; this chick walked into the bathroom chattering away, headed into a stall, presumably unzipped, did her business, re-zipped and came back out to wash her hands, all while talking on the phone. Wow, that must have been an important call. My immediate thought was “Eww, she touched her phone! Gross!” I can only imagine what the person at the other end of the line thought, as her friend tinkled:

Person on other end: “Um, are you in the bathroom or something?!”

The Tinkler <feigning innocence>: “No of course not… why would you think THAT?

And then the automatic flusher goes off… on all 10 toilets.

Try denying it now lady.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in the Loo

    • Me too! I often find myself wishing I could toss my BB onto a busy street and watch an big rig drive over it… but I think my boss would have a problem with that since it’s a company phone!

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