A Recap of Yesterday

Yesterday morning I set out on another one of my power walks. I broke a record, with just a little over 2 hours of walking, and I ended up two towns over from where I live. I felt like Forest Gump – once I started walking, I could’ve just kept right on goin’.  Today, my butt hurts and my lower back hurts and I am going to forgo my hot yoga class because my left knee hurts. Blame the shoes (Note to self: must buy new shoes before cancer walk to avoid pain!). On  a positive note, my arms are feeling much better so yoga will take place in the very near future.

It was truly the perfect morning, with the sun floating up high and the sky a perfect shade of blue. It was one of those mornings with the kind of lighting that I love to shoot photos in – the kind of lighting where when you look up at the trees, their leaves look so sharp against the canvas that is the sky, and everything feels just perfect. I saw and felt some pretty cool things on the walk and these are what I’m going to share with you.

First, I don’t power walk in my town (let’s call it Yoville) ; I have to walk through Yoville to get to the next town over (let’s call it Hippeh). The vibe in Hippeh is so much nicer; there is more greenery and it’s just quieter. Once I get to the border of Yoville and Hippeh, I can see the lake through the trees, and at that time of day, the sun is so bright that it reflects off the water like sparkling diamonds. Blinding. I usually walk alongside the lake, which eventually leads me off the main road onto residential streets, where the influx of traffic is at a minimum.  There’s a small grassy area with benches that is directly in front of the lake, and this is where I stop to stretch out that bum knee and hip (thank you shoes!). I usually don’t dilly dally but the view is so great that I do occasionally slow my pace down to take in the amazing weather and the peaceful environment. Yesterday, I watched a guy water-ski – the water is so polluted that every time he fell in, I couldn’t help but cringe.

As I continued along, I started to walk uphill; there is a big white house to my right, with a strategically positioned sign on the front lawn. The sign says:

Ce terrain n’est pas une toilette pour chien.

Translated, this means:

This lawn is not a toilette for your dog’s crap.

Every time I see this, I have to laugh – this is definitely a sign that I would put up if neighboring dogs kept taking dumps on my lawn, though I feel that I might be a little more verbal about my displeasure. I can picture myself hiding in wait…. and then jumping out making the call of Bedouin – “LELELELELELELELELE!” If that doesn’t scare the crap (ha ha) out of both the dogs and their owners, we have a serious problem!  Not too far from the no-crap-on-my-lawn house, there is a fabulous house on the waterfront side of the street. This house is an older style made out of wood, and is painted bright yellow with red trim. I love it! Yes, it’s pretty flashy and it quite possibly glows in the dark, but it’s got style! I really need to start bringing my camera on these walks.

I took my exploring further than usual, and followed the bike path (the one I didn’t even realize existed) over to the dam. I should mention that ‘the dam’ is where you go to get drunk, smoke up and party when you’re in high-school… and this was my first time there. I walked across it and encountered cyclists and other walking people. People are very curious about the work that’s been going on there; there is a growing concern that Yoville and Hippeh may eventually run out of water, so both municipalities have joined together to make sure this doesn’t happen. I cannot even attempt to explain what they’re doing, but there are several large contraptions set up in the lake to ensure that we don’t run out of water. Yes, I will take pictures next time.

I walked across the dam and saw the graffiti and tags that the kids had left, likely at night when they wouldn’t be caught. Some of it was good, some of it wasn’t. I saw a couple of fisherman leaning against the rail, waiting for the fish to bite. At that point, I had to ask myself what they were thinking; the water is brown with pollution. Perhaps they were fishing for sport, but even so, I wouldn’t touch those fish unless I was wearing thick plastic gloves, much less eat them. Ew.

Finally, I made it across the dam into Golfville. I decided to keep walking along the golf course to see where this path would take me. It’s a great street – tree-lined and quiet, with the golf course on one side and the lake on the other. As I walked along, I noticed a small staircase that lead down to the water so of course, I had to go check it out. There were only 4 steps, and these lead to a rocky shore. Because the water is so incredibly low, I could see all of the rocks and crevices jutting out. This is my favorite place thus far. I could see the fishermen watching me from the dam, and I just stood there for a while breathing in the cool air and enjoying my zenitude. Awesome. Again, where is the camera when I need it? <Sigh>.

I walked back up to the street and kept on going – I decided that I was going to walk all the way to the bridge that would take me from Golfville back to Yoville, but as I walked, I could see no signs of the bridge. This is when I decided to turn back – God knows how long I would’ve kept walking to get to that bridge and I was already well into an hour of walking at that point.

This is my favorite part.

As I walked back toward the dam, I suddenly felt elated. I felt so incredibly good – I can only describe this feeling as joy, happiness that was filling me up. I had the sudden urge to skip and dance up the street – for real people, it was all I could do not to run across the street, onto the dam, and dance my way across it. Not only that, but I also wanted to sing out loud at the top of my lungs. Oh dear.  And of course, thinking about doing all this made me laugh, so there I am, fighting back an incredible urge to shake my booteh for all to see, and laughing away to myself like a crazy person. Whatever – I felt happy.

I have been having a lot of these moments lately, although yesterday was certainly the most powerful. It is in these moments, that I realize I truly feel happy with my life. I mean, truly, deeply happy. Isn’t that great?

How do you feel about your life? Have you felt overwhelming happiness at some point?


5 thoughts on “A Recap of Yesterday

  1. I love those euphoric moments…they don’t come often enough for me! I get them alot while exercising as well (endorphins?) especially when outside. I didn’t get to exercise at all last week…I’m nowhere near being an exercise freak or in any kind of shape, but I can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow!

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