If You Really Knew Me…

This summer, MTV aired If You Really Knew Me, an American reality show that focused on high-school students from various cliques. The goal was to break down the various stereotypes and barriers that exist amongst high-school kids, so that they can develop a better understanding of each other. I thought this was a great idea, and so did my fellow SITS girl Mrs. O, who recently took this concept to another level by bravely sharing some things about herself that even her closest friends and family don’t know. Today’s blog inspiration is thanks to Mrs. O!

If you really knew me, you would know:

That I don’t hold grudges, but if what you’ve said or done is of major significance, I will blacklist you and be done with it.

That even though I don’t need to worry about my weight, I have a complex about it that dates back many years and I hate to be belittled about it.

That it bothers me that some people can’t be bothered to read my blog, because if they knew me, they would know that writing is my passion. Their lack of support upsets me and speaks volumes.

That my stress levels used to be exorbitantly high – like, Empire State Building high! You would recognize that I’ve worked hard to let go of that stress because it was causing physical damage to my body and what a struggle it’s been to let go.

That I’ve been practicing yoga for four years and that I’m thinking about becoming a Moksha instructor.

That I’ve been questioning many of my relationships because I feel like I invest more then what I actually get back.

That I don’t do one-way relationships and then at some point each year I ‘recycle’ ‘friends.’

That I can replicate the call of the Bedouin perfectly and that I do this completely out of the blue, much to the dismay of my friends/ family, who are usually within close proximity.

That I’m a huge U2 fan and I’ve had a crush on Adam Clayton since 1987. No, for real – post-afro made him totally hot!

That once I decided to buy my condo, I had a moment of complete panic and called my father in tears, begging him to get me out of it.

That I’m afraid of dying by drowning.

That I love J-horror.

That I don’t believe in soul mates.

That I’ve always wanted to participate in Run for the Cure, and that I’m doing it this year (YAY!).

Mostly, if you really knew me, you would know that I rock, because I do!

What would I know about you?


4 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me…

  1. So glad Ifound your site on blog frog! Love your writing. Actually, I like to write as well, but have not show it on line.
    If you really knew me, you would know that
    I am very shy in person and can relate better in writing.
    I am very insecure and that dates back to high school when I was really skinny, with glasses and braces and made fun b/c my family was just above poverty level. Kids are so cruel.
    I work full time and run 3 business (with my hubby) from home. A 4th one is in the making.
    I struggle with the fact that one of my kids is not in our lives anymore.
    I am tired… 53 year olds should not have to start over with kids (we have full custody of our grandchild and have since she was 8 months old.. she knows us as mommy and daddy)…I love her dearly and would not change a thing.. I will fight for her till my death…. but it does not change the fact that I am tired.
    wow… where did that come from ..
    anyhoo… stop by and visit me at http://cindyseesit.blogspot.com/

    • Cindy, thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts so openly! 🙂 It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, and I am sure that you must feel overwhelmed at times. But, in reading your response to If You Really Knew Me, I also get the impression that you are am amazing, caring person who is filled with love for your kids and grandkids. You strike me as being unselfish, and someone who will be there when you need her. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to share your feelings on my blog, and hope to see you often! I am heading on over to your site now 🙂

  2. That I am a quiet person, shy too but over the past six years I have got over my shyness a lot !

    That I love animals and have 2 cats:)

    Huge U2 fan,have been for 17 years
    Bono is my favorite member.

    I’m a gadget freak!

    I collect stuffed animals ( yes at my age 😉

    I love to drink coke ( coca cola) but I have cut down !

    I like romantic movies.

    I don’t want kids.

    That’s about it! 🙂

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