You’ve Got to be Kidding

Today is Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday. Why? Because I’m flabbergasted that someone has taken the time to make a movie about Facebook called The Social Network. Better still, IMDB has tagged its ‘genre’ as ‘history’ and ‘drama.’ Really? History? When I think about history, I think about Christopher Columbus, World War II or the assassination of Martin Luther King.  You know, stuff that matters. Yes, the creation of Facebook has taken us into a whole new technological age in terms of social networking on the web, and OK, it’s a good way to keep in touch with people, but is it really worthy of being made into a historical drama? Interestingly, IMDB’s MovieMeter is showing this movie (which hasn’t even been released yet) as being down in popularity by 56% today. I don’t know how reliable this meter is, but I’m not inclined to disagree with it.

While Facebook might be a good way to keep in touch, it’s also a great way to be harassed by people you want nothing to do with. For example, how about those random guys from Turkey or Dubai who send you friend requests? And those old high-school ‘friends’ that never spoke to you/ you never spoke to – twenty years later and they want to be friends and still not talk to you. Let’s not forget the friend collectors – people who go on an adding spree, adding every single person they’ve ever met to their friend list. It’s not about who you know, but about how many people you know. Even though you don’t really ‘know’ them. Point? None. It’s true that you can ignore friend requests, but what do you do when FB starts randomly adding people to your friend list, whom you’ve blocked? This happened recently – the person in question, while able to remove those people, had to do so manually and was unable to block them again. Not cool. I’d also like to mention my absolute favorite groups: Farmville-build-your-own-garden-so-you-can-keep-your-friends-as-pets bullshit. Hello! If you’re that interested in a farm, buy one. You can also create your very own garden in your backyard… with REAL flowers! Get out! And lastly, slavery was abolished some time ago – I don’t think buying and selling your friends is appropriate even if it is done virtually. (Does this group still exist)

Let’s also talk about the issues that Facebook offers its users, even though it’s been around since 2004. I understand that this is a free service, and that when something is free, you shouldn’t expect it to be perfect. That said, it would seem to me that if something has been around for six years, it should get better and not worse. For example: privacy/application settings. It is not OK to randomly reset users’ privacy settings without first advising them. It is also not OK to add new privacy settings and enable them without letting users know. My understanding is that FB does this all the time, and the only way users find out about it is via other users who circulate that information. If I’m mistaken, someone feel free to correct me. If features or new settings are being applied/offered, then the FB team should send a mass email to its community, letting them know about this. In turn, users could decide what they want to do about it (i.e. enable, disable, whatever).

Anyway, David Ippolito sums up his feelings about Facebook pretty well – I don’t think he’s going to see this movie and neither am I. Check out his song ‘Facebook is a Stupid Idiot‘ on youtube.

Earlier I said I was flabbergasted. Maybe not so much. Hollywood insist on making everything into a movie and I’m betting that in this one, Facebook will be portrayed as a big virtual hero & savior of the people!

What are your thoughts on The Social Network? Do you plan to see it?


One thought on “You’ve Got to be Kidding

  1. I like Facebook its good for catching up with old friends, or people you don’t see much.
    Yes I admit their are some people I have has friends whom I don’t talk to anymore and I wonder why I keep them.

    Has for the privacy settings, I keep a close eye on that has I don’t want everyone outside my friends list to have access to my page, so far it has worked because I haven’t gotten any random invite from anyoneM

    I too am bothered by the farmville updates and bejewled updates I play bejeweled twice and now I get everyones scores when they play,and frankly I DONT CARE!! Lol people don’t seem to realize that there is an option to publish scores to your news feed or not, I don’t know why people always choose to publish scores?

    To answer your question will I watch this movie about Facebbok… No.

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