1 Million Degrees

I have nothing exciting to blog about today. I didn’t yesterday either, however I felt it was worth mentioning that I am very, very hot. I’m not sure what the temperature is right now in Montreal, but I can tell you that it’s hot as poop. I would pay someone to hose me down right about now – preferably when I step out my front door. I’ve already suffered the flooding of my condo and do not wish to repeat that experience unless the insurance company replaces my condo with a house built on stilts. In any case, it’s the long weekend and this is fa-bu-lous!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and leave you with these parting words, which will undoubtedly illustrate the fact that I am still working on finding permanent Zenitude:

Some people exist for the sole purpose of pissing you off. Try as you might to make their lives easier, or to talk reason with them, they are completely incapable of being agreeable. They are inflexible, pigheaded and it’s their way or the highway, all the way, all the time. This leads me to wonder if this type of person only makes things difficult or complicated for the sake of making them difficult or complicated. Or perhaps, they have nothing better to do with their time. In any case, today, they aggravate me.It must really hurt to have a stick up your a$$ all of the time.

I am off to find Zenitude for 3 whole days with some outdoor yoga and power walking in the great big North. What’s everyone got planned for the long holiday weekend?


One thought on “1 Million Degrees

  1. ‘Hot’ I am fine with. On it’s own, as a word, it is quite innocent. You already know how I feel about the ‘P’ word…. So, when you say, ‘Hot as P***’ I can’t help but feeling a tad sick! I know I know, you don’t care, but it is such gross word!

    I have a funny feeling you will now just use it more…… šŸ™‚

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