The Grump is On

It’s a little early for me to be thinking about what to blog about. I prefer going with sudden inspiration – you know, I see something, or find myself in a situation that eventually becomes blog-worthy. So far, today is not that today. Today is the day where I find myself with the urge to immediately write down the things that irk me. OK, OK, I’ll admit that I’m a touch cranky this morning, but you can blame this on lack of sleep; I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 3 weeks now. I promise to try to keep the grump to a minimum.

First of all, it is not appropriate for the perv next door to watch me do yoga. Honestly! Like I won’t notice him lingering around my patio door – I salute the sun right in front of it, yo! I’m trying to summon positive energy to start my day off on the right foot. You, staring at me while smoking your cigarette is not conducive to a positive energy flow – especially when all that’s flowing is the stink of your cigarette. In my house. While I’m doing yoga. I sense that I did not find my zenitude this morning, but the good thing is that I’ve still got all day. There is hope!

Secondly, I’ve already posted about commuter etiquette. It is NOT rocket science. I got on the train this morning and sat by the window (making sure to use the window arm-rest and not the one I shared with my neighbor of course), and this chick in front of me was slouched in her seat, with her legs out in front of her. This made it very difficult for me to find a comfortable position. She was, of course, intentionally oblivious. Well, I have a 35-minute train ride into town and if you won’t move your feet, then I will put my feet on your toes. Please note that I attempted to gently nudge her foot a few times first. One would think this would alert her to the fact that she should sit up and pull her legs in a bit – not a lot – just a bit. She did not take this hint either, therefore I left my foot on her toes the entire ride into Montreal. When I pulled my laptop out from under my seat, she didn’t move even although her knees were practically touching mine (another sign that you are taking up too much room!), and in fact, she slouched down even more. Thanks to yoga, I ignored my urge to dump my laptop directly onto her knee caps, and instead, focused on finding my center because we are almost in town anyway (I think in this case, it was more important that I find some patience but anyway). There is no point in wasting my energy being PO’d at this ignoramus.

My takeaway today, is that I should print out my post on commuter etiquette, and distribute it in Central Station. That way, commuters can educate themselves on what not to do. Something to think about.

Also, it would be nice if the girl sitting in my area of the coffee shop, could lower her voice, because it is quite shrill, and I feel like my alarm clock is stuck to my ear and buzzing repeatedly.

Despite my initial mood, it IS a fabulous morning in Montreal, and the sun is shining. I’m sure the day will improve significantly! Hopefully this short post (yeah I know, it’s one of the shortest thus far!) will give you a wee chuckle.

Have a fabulous day!



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