RAnnDom Observations – Part 1 (of many)

1) Short chicks with stubby, plump legs should not wear Gladiator sandals. It just doesn’t look good. Seriously. Gladiator sandals are made for tall thin women. I kid you not.

2) I had a chuckle a few minutes when I overheard Coffee guy ask two gents if they were British; when they replied that they were, he proudly informed them that this was ‘exotic.’ (LOL – love it!)

3) Still wondering why old Asian dude stares at me every day. Maybe tomorrow I will ask him: “Hello! Might I ask why you stare at me in confusion every day?” Oh! Speak of the devil – old Asian guy just came back to the coffee shop and <sneaking a peak> yes, he’s staring. Maybe he can see up my skirt? Maybe I should offer to buy him a cup of java?

4) In 2007, I left my former job and started working downtown. I was pleased about this for several reasons, one being that I wouldn’t have to sit in horrendous traffic every morning/evening because (yay!) I could commute into town using the train. This was not only going to help my stress level and decrease my increasing road rage, but I was sure it would also reduce my level of cursing (yes, I have a potty  mouth). So yeah, not necessarily. Little did I know that parking at the train station would be the source of a different kind of grumbling and more cursing (though not as much as when I’m stuck in traffic for an hour every morning).

There’s a shortage of parking at my train station – despite the increasing number of commuters. This is not news. I’d like to mention that in order to resolve this problem, the mayor of city X, decided to ban all street parking between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. – core hours for commuters. He felt that allowing a max of 4 hours would be helpful. Right, so the parking lots aren’t big enough, there are more commuters then parking spots, you can’t park on the street… where the hell are people supposed to park their cars? Not everyone has the luxury of walking to the train station. Anyway, this brings me to today’s random observation (which I observed some time ago). Biker guy shows up every day with his car, parks at the train station, and pulls out a bicycle . Are you kidding me? Yes, I have a problem with this –  there isn’t enough parking space for the hundreds of commuters who actually pay the $120-$140 per month it costs to commute into town, but this guy parks for free and takes off on his bike? If I didn’t have to get up an hour earlier every day, to be at the train station an hour earlier than I need to be (just to make sure I can park) – and I wasn’t forced to take said train an hour earlier than necessary, causing me to waste another hour when I do get into town, I might not be so annoyed. Thank you AMT, for working with City X to try and find a solution to this problem (NOT!). Let’s continue to encourage people to use public transportation (on the pretext that it’s more efficient and less costly) because it minimizes traffic and helps the environment, but let’s not make it accessible. And by all means, let’s hike up the fares every January. More money, less service. Got it.

4) I think the above takes care of my rant for today. Asian dude now appears to be taking a nap.

5) I need to look up the word ‘No’ in the dictionary. Apparently some people are not familiar with its meaning.

On that note, it’s a beautiful day in Montreal and this makes me happy, despite my lack of sleep over the last couple of days. I’ve been stressing in my sleep mostly because I can’t get any support re: work load. I went to the gym yesterday, but should have gotten some yoga in as this helps me find my center. My center is a bit lopsided at the moment.

Have a lovely day!



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